Why do we need yachting?

Remember this idyllic ad picture – a beautiful summer day, and you and your loved one are on board the yacht?

In this version, you are usually a lazy passenger. But is it really that interesting? What if you try yourself in a different role, more exciting, but at the same time, more challenging? Why do we need yachting? Yachting, like a drug, is captivating and addictive.

How about becoming a captain?

If you’ve tried driving any vehicle, then you know this intoxicating sensation when you finally understand how it works. This is a unique feeling of oneness, as if you are becoming one body. Your job is to drive by defining direction.

The task of the vehicle is to fulfill your wishes. This gives a very vivid impression, unlike anything else.But this is only the beginning, words cannot convey everything.

You need to live this on your own experience.What is so special about yachting?


We all get bored from time to time. We get tired of the monotony of everyday tasks, monotony and dullness. Sometimes we need some kind of splash, we want to be covered with a bright wave.

We hope to get a new impetus, a new breath, to know where to go next. To do this, it is often enough just to change the environment. Traveling on a yacht is ideal for these purposes.

After all, what is a sailing trip? These are beautiful landscapes, a delight for your eyes, the wind in your face and the boundless horizon. This is freedom that will give you the opportunity to unload your head, all unnecessary things will go away and completely unexpected for you new ideas, fresh and creative, will appear.


The fact that sea air is extremely beneficial to health is a well-known fact. Unsurprisingly, for many years the yacht has been a refuge for many wealthy people in old age. On a yacht you can get away from worries and bustle, while perfectly improving your health.

What is so special about the sea air? Its high iodine and magnesium content makes it a natural antioxidant. In addition, sailing is a good physical activity, a kind of exercise, not too exhausting, but maintaining good health and shape.

So it’s not only a good way to reboot your brain, but it’s also a way to feel great.


Sometimes we all need to get out of the so-called bubble of our social connections. New people are needed, followed by a stream of new ideas.

You will have the opportunity to meet such people while still at the yacht school. Most likely, not only your compatriots will study there, but also representatives of other countries.

Such multicultural contacts are not only interesting, but also beneficial for business.


New experiences make our brains work differently, teaches us to look at things from a different angle, and refreshes neural connections.

You will have to work hard – yachting requires the acquisition of not only new skills, but also new knowledge from a variety of areas. You will need to remember something from the physics course, learn how to provide first aid, and understand the basics of meteorology. Although this is not all.


How long have you been on vacation with your family or friends? And how long have lived together an interesting adventure. Maybe it’s time? Yachting is a great way to share your time.

You all have a common goal. And you will all be very pleased with yourself as soon as it is achieved. Experience the whole gamut of these extraordinary emotions together.

Just think about how exciting it will be to share impressions and photos many years later. The big plus of being on a yacht is not only a change of scenery, but also the absence of distractions in the form of the Internet and social networks.

Your children will be happy to have such an extraordinary time with their family. Be an example for them – show that outdoor activities can be much more interesting than Instagram. Let them feel the pulse of real life and enjoy it yourself.

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