What is the procedure for flying in a private jet?

So you’re on your first flight in a private jet and don’t know how to get things done quickly and correctly? So that you can better navigate this process, we will describe to you the general picture of organizing a private flight, we will analyze certain aspects: the procedure for flying on a private jet includes: booking a flight and checking in at the airport, requirements for documents and luggage, conditions on board, etc. So let’s go!

What you need to know about private flights?

  1. The choice of plane and flight.

This is the first point that everyone goes through. You choose the type of aircraft (you can read more about this in our article – link) and the route. The cost of the flight directly depends on the selected aircraft class. So, a flight on most small and ultra-small planes will cost you about $ 5000-10,000 per hour, a flight on a large cruise liner from London to New Fork can cost over $ 100,000.

Some airlines offer loyalty programs where a customer can rent a plane for a specific period, for example, 3 months, during which he can fly up to 50 hours, or 100,000 km. You can either book the entire plane for yourself or fly with a group. It all depends on your requirements and budget. As for the timing of booking a flight, the usual rule applies here: “The sooner the better”, but if you need to do everything very quickly, it doesn’t matter, the flight can be organized within a day, or even several hours.

      2. Requirements for documents.

The same rules apply here as for regular passengers. Departure is possible only with a passport, the passports of all passengers of the flight must be valid at the time of departure. And if you are flying to a country where you need a visa, you will need to arrange it in advance, like all other documents that the border service and customs may require from you. But, the very procedure for checking documents, baggage inspection, etc. is much faster, because there will be no queue for such a flight.

      3. Features at the airport.

As we have already said, a passenger on a private flight goes through exactly the same checks and inspections as passengers on commercial flights, but on an individual basis, without queuing, in a hurry and in a much more comfortable environment. Since private jets are generally smaller than commercial jets, boarding and loading baggage will be much easier and faster. At some airports, you can even get to the plane using private transport.

Since all procedures are simplified and accelerated as much as possible, it makes no sense for you to arrive at the airport earlier than 30 minutes before departure, you will calmly pass all the checks during this time. As for the boarding ticket, it will not exist at all. He just isn’t needed. You will be given only documents containing information about the route, data on the aircraft and crew.

The organization and procedure of a private jet flight is in many ways similar to a regular commercial flight, but you, as a passenger, get a much greater level of comfort, all procedures will be faster and easier, you will have an individual approach, for example, you can choose the menu on the flight yourself , take an animal with you, or even change the direction of flight in the process, and given the modern realities of the pandemic, also additional safety.

You can find out in detail about the organization of a private flight from our specialists, in a way convenient for you.

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