How do I choose a private jet to fly?

The service of renting an aircraft for a private flight is becoming more and more important. This fast travel method is suitable for companies and individual flights. What should you pay attention to and how to choose a plane? Air transport is selected based on the travel distance and criteria such as its dimensions, the number of passenger seats, travel speed, additional equipment and equipment.

Also, plane are divided into types based on the above criteria:

  • business liners;
  • long-haul;
  • large;
  • medium-haul;
  • lightweight and ultralight;
  • turboprop.

The financial costs and comfort of passengers depend on how correctly the plane is selected. For example, for a transatlantic flight, it is advisable to hire a large or long-haul business jet. But for a distance of up to 5000 km, a medium-haul or light one is enough. To correctly determine the appropriate airliner, we will consider all types in more detail.

Aircraft types

The business airliner is designed to transport a large group of passengers over long distances. This is considered its greatest advantage. This type of aircraft is suitable for flights to conferences, meetings, for corporate recreation. The cabin is designed for at least 40 people or more, and the distance covered by the aircraft without additional refueling along the route reaches 10,000 km.

Long-haul aircraft have on board everything they need to make passengers feel comfortable on the way: showers, a bathroom, a kitchen. The entire space is correctly zoned and provided with the necessary equipment for work and rest on the way. The airliner can cover distances of over 11,000 km, but it can accommodate no more than 15 passengers.

Large planes also differ in functionality: there are comfortable kitchens, a sleeping area, a work area, while clearly separated. They are used for flights over distances of up to 8,000 km – to the countries of the Middle East, Asia, North Africa.

Medium-haul aircraft are used for flights up to 7,000 km. Due to its small size, you have to choose: a comfortable berth that folds out of two seats, or a loaded cabin for 12 people. There is also a separate kitchen on board, and the luggage compartment is quite spacious.

For small flights (up to 5,000 km, for example, within the country or in the near abroad) light airliners are suitable. This is a more economical option and has 7 seats. The disadvantages include the lack of a separate kitchen area.

Turboprop aircraft are great for landing in tight spaces. They are designed for only 7 seats, and the distance that they can cover without refueling is 3500 km. They are also used for flights within the country and to neighboring states.

It is very important to choose a plane, the right type, as this directly affects the cost of the flight and how passengers will feel on board.

How to choose the right aircraft?

The client can choose a plane based on his preferences. When placing an order, you must indicate all essential data. It is important that the airliner meets the requirements. It should be noted in the application:

  • the date on which the departure is scheduled;
  • point of departure and destination;
  • for how many people the board should be designed for;
  • the need for additional equipment for conducting business issues: office equipment, the Internet, and more.

Several available options will be offered for selection, suitable in terms of conditions and cost. The client will be able to find the right aircraft for the given route.

Information for travelers

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