Rent a private plane in Monaco

Private aviation has a lot of advantages, among which the main ones are:

  1. Rent a private plane in Monaco gives you a unique opportunity to become completely independent of the schedule of an air carrier that makes regular charter flights; you can also plan your own flight route yourself and correct it shortly before departure;
  2. With personal air travel, the prospect of running your own business becomes more real. Online negotiations, business conferences already today are freely organized in flight.For its active passengers, Sparks can offer VIP-on-board office services (mounting modern computer and office equipment), as well as organizing a business dinner at the highest level.
  3. The only chance to avoid unpleasant neighborhoods is to rent a jet. Only you can invite anyone to your companions.


Tariffs for private transportation services in Monaco

The exact cost of renting an air transport can count the honeycombs mines Sparks. To do this, you need to select the model of the aircraft, calculate the number of passengers on board and determine the flight route.

For example:

  • business jet from Moscow airport in Monaco will cost about 15,000 euros;
  • a day rental service of air transport is charged from 30,000 euros and is calculated by the consultant of the company.

How to rent a private plane in Monaco

To make a lease for a helicopter or an aircraft, you need to perform a series of simple manipulations:

  1. Firstly, contact our employee, leaving an online application, calling the number convenient for you on the site or writing an email.
  2. Secondly, formulate all the flight conditions and state them to the consultant.
  3. Third, wait for confirmation of the availability of the ordered vessel.
  4. And the last step: the conclusion of the contract and payment for services.

The secret to saving travel time

The pace of modern life is surprising and frightening: to keep up with its frantic rhythm is almost impossible. For an adventurous modern person who values ​​every minute, there is only one way out to catch up with time and get ahead of competitors: choose the most modern and comfortable way to travel – a private jet.

You can not buy time, but you can rent a plane.

What is the superiority of private aviation

Most likely, you are perfectly familiar with the problem of how to safely get to a certain point of the world as soon as possible. Placing high hopes on regular flights is more expensive: a second before departure, the flight can be postponed or canceled.

In addition, the flight takes a lot of time, which is so lacking a business person. Rent a private plane in Monaco gives you the opportunity to take care of the quality of your flight – to save time and money, which can always be spent on loved ones or important business.

Private aviation – rent a private plane in Monaco

In the event that it is not possible to purchase a plane in Monaco, the best way out is to rent an air transport for any period.

The base of private aviation of our company contains only the best models of modern aircraft, which can carry out transportation both for short distances and to distant places.

Suppose you have planned a flight to Monte Carlo, and the flight can be made from any country. The most prudent decision would be to book a plane in Monaco for a one-day rental. This will save you the time you need to spend on organizing the flight, and will give you the opportunity to move freely along the route individually compiled by our employee.

Three steps to ordering air transport

Quickly contact the private aviation service using simple steps:

  1. Call Sparks or сreate an online application form on the site and our consultants will contact you soon.
  2. Report the conditions of purchase or lease of the vessel, its model and the planned amount of the future purchase.
  3. Make a contract and make a payment. Expect departure at your specified time.

In our company there is always the opportunity to order a private jet. The organization of the flight to any country in the world is carried out around the clock.

Information for travelers

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