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Any island in the Canary archipelago is special and unique in its own way. Each piece of land here is distinguished not only by the individual architecture and population, but also by its nature, beaches and climate. Even the air is different on the islands.

So, Fuerteventura will be remembered by tourists for the spirit of hot stones and African sand baked in the sun, and Grand Canaria for the incomparable floral aromas.

Palma popularity belongs to the picturesque town of Puerto Morgan. Buildings, streets, snow-white buildings, buried in flowering bougainvilleas, miniature gardens and bridges resemble a postcard or souvenir.

The city is characterized by incredible beauty – some houses are built almost on a mountain top, while others, the most colorful, are located along the coastline. The embankment is literally immersed in flowers and lush greenery.

This city is a source of inspiration for the masters of painting, and for other tourists – a center of aesthetic pleasure, joy, peace and positive energy. At dawn in the port you will wake up from the pleasant splash of waves and creaking mooring lines and see many sailing yachts with high raised masts.

Maritime travelers here will appreciate the excellent service and decent equipment, gourmet cuisine with an abundance of seafood, as well as colorful restaurants with live music, fiery dances accompanied by Spanish guitars.

From here you can bring unique souvenirs by purchasing them at a reasonable price.

Grand Canaria can be proud of its beautiful coastline, which includes majestic mountain ranges with sharp rocks and canyons going down to the sea. The southern coast is a favorite place for yachtsmen.

Here, tourists can sail to the sea, stay in a small bay to swim on the nearby beach, and after lunch, go to the neighboring town. What could be nicer after a long voyage? Gran Canaria is so attractive that there is a desire to stay here forever.

If you want to visit unforgettable places in Spain, our experts will offer the best options for your unforgettable trip. Contact our experts and we will take into account all your wishes and make an individual and unique route.

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