What to consider when renting a yacht

We recommend to rent a ship in our company, since our water transport base is very large. Employees of the company will offer you the best yacht, specifically for your holiday. With managers you can discuss the nuances of a fabulous holiday, which will be remembered for a long time.

1.How to choose a boat for rent: a reference to the number of cabins.

The first criterion for choosing a suitable vessel for travel is the number of cabins. The yacht can accommodate double and single cabins, two berths for 1 person, as well as large double beds on luxury yachts.

2.Yacht selection: length

If the company of travelers has 8-10 people, choose a yacht, the length of which starts from 13-15 m.

When planning a trip, keep in mind that the length of the boat affects the development of maximum speed. The larger the size of the watercraft , the faster the ship moves and travels a greater distance.

3.Speed ​​and comfortable rest

Motor yacht moves on the water surface at an insane speed. Some, on the contrary, prefer calm swimming, at a speed of 7-12 miles / hour. The most stable are the vessel two-hull design.

4.Rental price of water transport

The price for renting a yacht depends on many criteria. If the craft is not expensive, without excesses in the interior and crew escort, rent a yacht for 7 days by average, reach 6000-8000 euros in high season, at the rate of 1000-2000 euros for 1 person.

5.Variety of rent

Sailing boats, the design of which includes one hull – the best option for a group of friends. They will also like families with teenage children, as well as during regattas.

Motor water transport is chosen by lovers of adrenaline and high speed.

Catamarans are the perfect way to get away from the city bustle for those who have just started to learn sailing . The trip will turn out to be full of romance, the safety of babies is guaranteed.

A gulet differs from previous models in an unusual design and construction.

Luxury yachts can not afford each. But, having rented such a vessel, the guests know that the crew is ready to satisfy all their whims and desires. Cabins are made in a luxurious style, the interior is represented by renowned designers.

To choose the best option, contact the managers of our company, convenient for you. We will select and offer the best solution for your trip.

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