Top best beaches for organizing events

With the onset of summer, holding any event is preferable to the outdoors. It is getting warmer, which means it’s time to choose a picturesque place on the ocean or sea for the holiday, because this is an option to hold the best VIP party, a unique wedding or make the most romantic offer.

With the help of specialists from Sparks, you will have unforgettable memories.

We have prepared a small selection of the most beautiful beaches of the planet, as well as a few ideas on how to relax and create an incredible holiday. In addition, this list of locations will help you determine the possible location of the event, and you will make sure that a holiday on the beach is much better than a gathering in the city.

The beaches of Whitehaven Beach are 7 kilometers of white sand along Whitsunday. Silicon dioxide, which is contained here almost in its purest form, gives the sand a dazzling white color. In the north of Whitehaven Beach there is a bay where you can watch a combination of white sand and azure water at high tide.

It is interesting that very few people know about this location – it’s not crowded here, so you can relax alone or with your loved one. In addition, the wedding ceremony in Witsandee is an excellent solution, because the heavenly and exotic atmosphere has to romance.

The Bahamas is a real paradise on earth, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Their unforgettable view, nature, romantic sunsets, the sound of breaking waves – all this attracts travelers, forcing them to give up all their business and go to meet the sandy shores of warm water.

Harbor Island is a special place in the Bahamas. Here, under water, in reefs, under stones and in caves, small single-celled foraminifera are hidden. Their shells, breaking up, paint the sand in pale pink color. If you want to create your holiday in this very shade, the Harbor in the Bahamas is the best option for a party or a paradise wedding.

Playa del Amor is a romantic place for lovers. Here everything has a nice date: a lonely place, dimensional noise of the waves, freshness and coolness. Until recently, the island was uninhabited, besides few tourists tend to visit here, because most do not know about this area.

Khayyams Beach is a beach with whipped cream sand. It is located 300 kilometers from Australian Sydney and occupies an honorable place in the Guinness Book of Records because of the unusual color of the sand – it is so delicate and white that people come here not only to sunbathe and swim, but also to hold a wedding party.

Vaadhoo Island is unusual at night. Its peculiarity is that when the last sunbeam disappears beyond the horizon, the plankton, which has appeared outside the ocean, begins to glow with a thousand lights.

This phenomenon is called bioluminescence – energy that is released in living organisms under the action of any factor, is released in the form of luminescence and is an absolutely safe, natural chemical process in the animal’s body. The blue glow of the waves as if displays the starry sky of the Maldives.

The shimmering beach of Vaadhoo is an ideal place for a romantic date, because such a phenomenon is hard to find anywhere else. The unique landscape, clean air, coolness, blowing from the ocean – the enchanting atmosphere will give the meeting of two lovers a special touch.

Grace Bay is another paradise of our planet. The white sand, which is clean and cool, attracts tourists from all over the world. Many of them are very fond of sunbathing on the Caribbean beach, and besides, holding events here is a common thing – everyone is already accustomed to parties and weddings on Grace Bay.

By the way, this beach has repeatedly been awarded the title of the best beach area in the world.

It is clear that there are at least a hundred more magical places on the planet where you can hold an original event or just take a break from the routine. But how can you do without entertainment that can make any event exclusive and unforgettable. In addition, it does not depend on your location.

Contact our managers and we will find the best place for you, exclusively for your event. Do not lose the opportunity to fill your life with bright colors and interesting events!

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