Caribbean cruise


  • Cartagena (Colombia) – 1 day;
  • San Blas (Panama) – 2 days;
  • Puerto Colon (Panama) – 1 day;
  • Bocas del Toro (Panama) – 1 day;
  • Puerto Limon (Costa Rica) – 3 days;
  • Providence Island (Nicaragua) – 1 day;
  • Jamaica – 2 days.

We have an interesting offer for lovers of sea cruises. Introducing an exciting 3 week Caribbean cruise!

What could be better than a pleasant summer sun and a warm sea in the middle of winter? You will visit 5 countries, sail a total of one thousand three hundred miles and understand what relaxation is in the Caribbean.

You will walk along the border of two Americas and two Oceans, dance reggae in Jamaica, taste local cuisine and cocktails, get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of these countries and visit many interesting places.

Ahead of your adventure in the Caribbean!

1 day. Departure. Cartagena.

Our Caribbean cruise begins in Colombia, at the port of Cartagena. There you will be greeted by the Sparks Life team and our beautiful yacht, Sun Odyssey 519. Colombia is a country of contrasts, they are everywhere here – in houses, yards and on the streets.

Be sure to visit the Old Town, where you will find unique emerald jewelry.

They made Cartagena so popular. We also recommend visiting the gold and maritime museums – you will not regret it. There is also an art gallery for those who love art. But if you are tired and just want to relax, be sure to come to the beach (Playa Blanca).

Oh, and one more thing: be sure to go to Los Coches square, there you will find the best sweets in Colombia.

Caribbean cruise: Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Jamaica
Caribbean cruise: Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Jamaica

2 days. San Blas Islands.

So our yacht tour started and our first destination was the San Blas Islands. Here we will spend the next couple of days. We have time to enjoy the stunning nature of this protected area, its beaches, tropical flora and sea air.

This is not an ordinary popular resort, there are no restaurants and cafes, shops and hotels. But here you will find something else – a unique local atmosphere. You will see the life of local Indians with your own eyes. There is no such thing anywhere else in the world.

San Blase is one of the few places on earth where matriarchy has survived. Local residents treat women with respect and respect, especially in old age. True, there are also familiar entertainment, such as diving, surfing and snorkeling.

So you won’t be bored anyway. Well, if you want to be alone, or wander along deserted beaches, this is also possible. But “show must go on” and we continue.

3 day. Puerto Colon.

So, we go further and the next stop on our way is Puerto Colon in Panama. It is a small port and here you can sample local cuisine in a small restaurant with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and recharge your batteries for the Panama Canal voyage.

This creation of human hands has already turned 100 years old, but it continues to amaze the imagination even now. Ship traffic is more dense here than on the main roads during rush hours. You just have to see it with your own eyes.

4 day. Bocas del Toro.

So, our last point in Panama is Bocas del Toro. This is a popular place in Panama, a favorite resort for all those who love sea activities.

There are excellent opportunities for active sea recreation. There is an infrastructure for surfing, diving, snorkeling, etc.

This place was visited by Christopher Columbus himself almost 500 years ago. In general, we have one more day of sea rest and relaxation.

Caribbean cruise: Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Jamaica
Caribbean cruise: Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Jamaica

5 days. Puerto Lemon.

So, say goodbye to Panama and head for Costa Rica! And our next point is Puerto Lemon. Costa Ricans are in no hurry, and we will not. We will stay here for three whole days so that you can fully experience the local atmosphere and flavor.

So, we will stop by the Tortuguero reserve, where you can see the rare flora and fauna of these islands. And then – the highlight of the tourist program – a night excursion along the coast.

You will see how sea giants – leatherback turtles come ashore in the light of the moon. Their weight can reach 500 kg, and their fins span almost 3 meters, these are real prehistoric monsters!And of course, let’s dive into the atmosphere of reggae, rhythmic music and Latin American dances.

Locals live in this rhythm non-stop.At first glance, it seems that three days is a long time, but we assure you, they will pass like three hours, and now we have to say goodbye to Costa Rica.

6 Providence Island.

So, we arrive at Providence Island in Nicaragua. It is also sometimes called the island in the seven-colored sea. The fact is that the sea water here really has several different colors. There is no tourist infrastructure as such, so you can enjoy this unspoiled paradise yourself. He’s 100% yours!

The island is home to the Agua Dulce National Park, Manzanillo Beach, a coral reef, and a farm where … turtles are bred. If you are bored of the sea, you can climb the mountains, to the El Pico peak, this is the highest point on the island. El Pico is one of the most scenic places on earth to take a photo, so a selfie stick comes in handy here.


So, we go to the home of reggae and Bob Marley. Legendary Jamaica. Let’s remember the familiar tune: “Yamaaaaaaaaika …” it’s time to hum it.

Jamaica is an island-state in Latin America, a famous resort and just a stunning place with a unique atmosphere.

First we go to the Blue Mountains. Locals are proud of their coffee and consider it the best in the world. We will visit the oldest local factory and you will have the opportunity to taste a cup made from beans straight from the plantation – there is nowhere to be fresh! You will remember this morning coffee for a long time.

Jamaica is the final point of our trip, and to put a fat point, you need to throw a grand party with songs and dances with Marinero.

So, in three weeks of our trip, you will cover more than 1,300 miles, visit as many as five countries, get a sea of ​​new emotions, take pictures and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Central America. It will stay with you forever.

Caribbean cruise: Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Jamaica

Caribbean cruise conditions:

Included in the price:

  • Sleeping place in one of the cabins;
  • professional captain (skipper);
  • master class on yacht management;
  • a set of bed linen and towels;
  • inflatable boat rental;
  • cleaning at the end of the tour.

The price does not include:

  • Fuel for the entire route;
  • set of documents (visa, insurance);
  • Food (about 200 EUR);
  • Flight and transfer (flight cost – from 700 EUR);
  • Marina parking fees;
  • Additional entertainment on the shore.


Before the start of the trip, a security deposit is collected from all tour participants – 350 EUR (per person). If during the cruise there are no breakdowns (due to the fault of passengers), all the equipment is in place, nothing is damaged, then upon returning to the final destination, after inspection and acceptance by the manager of the charter company, this amount is returned to all tourists in full.

Sometimes the route and the tour program must be adjusted to ensure safety and comfort for everyone (for example, in case of a sharp deterioration in the weather, or various force majeure circumstances).

The decision to change and correct the course is made by the skipper. He is responsible for the safety of the vessel and its passengers.

Information for travelers

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