Vacation on a yacht – amazing Grenada

Lush rainforests, lush waterfalls, majestic mountains and the mysterious world of underwater inhabitants – all this is Grenada. It attracts travelers from all over the world with its incredible beauty and a certain seclusion. It is here that tourists visit much less often than on other islands located in the Caribbean.

Therefore, Grenada is a true paradise for lovers of a calm, peaceful vacation on a yacht.

What is worth visiting?

The Sparks Life company has collected for you the most beautiful and interesting places of this amazing island state.

Grenada, like the Grenadines, is rich in a variety of sailing and anchorage options. There are so many of these places that it is almost impossible to visit at least some of them in one cruise. However, if you do come to this beautiful state, be sure to take a look at Cape Molinere, which is famous for its park of statues located under water. Snorkeling and diving are especially interesting here.

This landmark is one of the first such gardens. It was installed in 2006. Today, there are about a dozen such parks. There are approximately 75 statues in the garden near Cape Molinere. These are women and men in natural growth, who are captured in familiar poses (sitting or standing, gathered in a circle).

Sandy island

A tiny island off the northeastern coast of Grenada. It is a quiet secluded place where you can be alone with nature, relax your body and soul on the sandy beach and visit the ruins of an old villa.

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Ronde Island

An islet that will definitely appeal to travelers who want to get away from the usual paths and visit something unusual. It is located between Carriacou and Grenada and is practically uninhabited. Only a handful of fishermen can be found here.

The island has an excellent protected anchorage for ships and a completely deserted beach, which can be occupied even for a whole day. It is available to spend the night here, enjoying the peace and quiet of this beautiful place.

The beach is ringed with not too high, but rather sheer rock. Therefore, everyone who wishes to walk deeper into the island will have to climb up the rope hanging about halfway from the beach.

The traveler will see several paths, one of which leads to the huts of the fishing community and a cozy beach, others to more severe landscapes.

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The island to the north of Rondo is interesting for tourists who are fond of the history of shipbuilding. It is one of the surviving sites in the Caribbean, where ships are built from timber to this day.

Despite the fact that this area is very close to Grenada, its own, authentic atmosphere is especially acute here. Here, you will also not find crowds of tourists, massive liners or huge hotels.

This island will amaze you with its tranquility and friendly aborigines. Be sure to visit this unique area.

Hillsborough and Tyrell Coves have ample space to anchor more than one yacht. The latter is somewhat smaller and much quieter. In the south of the bay you can find a cozy restaurant called The Slipway. This establishment is one of the best on the island. Having visited it, you can enjoy delicious dishes and an indescribable local atmosphere. There is tranquility and general relaxation here.

Don’t forget to take a walk along Tyrell Bay Beach. On the coast there are several small cottages, a grocery store, lovely restaurants, bars and vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for peace and relaxation, this bay is what you need!

Heading north, around the corner from Tyrell lies Hillsborough Harbor. There is a wider selection of shops and restaurants. All taxis and buses go to this area, so if you want to better explore the island, head to this bay.

After becoming familiar with Carriacou’s shipbuilding, head to Petit Carenage. Many birds have found their refuge in this area. This is where numerous turtles head to lay their eggs in the sand. Picturesque swamps and amazing mango groves are located along the paths leading to the local beach. Surprisingly, this place is rarely visited, so you can retire. The entire beach is at your service.

Carriacou Island is a great place for diving enthusiasts. To enjoy the most beautiful views, it makes sense to visit the Two Sisters and Vilpool. Diving under the water, you will see colorful fish, luxurious corals and even ruins.

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Tobago reefs

This is one of the must-see places. Arriving here, you will find yourself in a real fairy tale: the beaches are shimmering with white sand, luxurious palm trees and sea grapes are leaning over them. Iguanas are lazily basking in the sun, and turtles seemed to look out of the sea to meet the newly arrived tourists.

Here, right on the beach, you can taste a local delicacy – grilled lobster. The crustaceans are cooked whole. Wooden tables are nestled under sprawling trees, with pleasant electric lighting. Choose between lobster, fish or juicy chicken, paired with delicious rice and a selection of local delicacies and vegetables. In addition, you will be served a great rum punch.

And when you break the shell of a lobster, taste tender, slightly sweet meat, then drink it with rum and look at the splendor of the local nature, you will definitely understand that this is the best place on the planet.

Mero island

After enjoying Tobago, the island of Mero is definitely worth a visit. The Salt Whistle and Sailin Coves have some excellent anchorages. The first is more popular with tourists. There are many restaurants and bars dedicated to yachting. Sailin’s atmosphere is homey.

There is a pleasant aroma of barbecue in the air, which is fried by the whole family, children frolic in the sand on the beach, and a local fisherman holds a glass of cool beer in his hand, pensively looking at the horizon.

Happy Island

If you decide to drop by Union Island, be sure to visit Happy. It is an islet near Clifton, based on shells washed with sea water. At sunset, you can enjoy a breathtaking sight: surfers will show an impromptu kite performance. These are the locals who compete against each other in the most bizarre acrobatic performances.

Speaking of Grenada, one cannot fail to mention its lush tropics. Mount St. Catherine (840 m above sea level) is especially famous for its green spaces. Luxurious trees, various species of monkeys, birds and picturesque waterfalls are organically intertwined in this paradise.

Due to the fact that the paths here are rather winding and imperceptible for a tourist, it is best to hire a local guide who will not only tell you a lot of interesting information about the local flora and fauna, but also take you to the most secret corners, which can only be reached from using climbing equipment.

Grand Anse

An ideal place for lovers of beach relaxation. This is the largest and most popular beach with dazzling white sand and azure clear waters. About 1 mile from this place, the cruise ship Bianca C sank in the early 60s of the last century, so divers love to come here.

For some privacy, head to the quirky Black Bay Beach. The sand here is black, and next to it there is a cave with rock paintings left by ancient people.

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Levera Beach

This is another must-see place. From the beginning of spring until the last month of summer, leatherback turtles are sent here en masse to lay their eggs.

Anyone who wants to get to a fun and incendiary party is recommended to go to Dinghy Concert in Grenada. These events take place in the bay of Petit Calivigny.

On a small barge with a cozy bar and dance floor, the local band puts on a show. They take place during the daytime and gather around them many yachts, boats and other water transport. It seems that the entire space on the water has turned into one huge fun party.

Sparks Life invites you to visit this amazing island nation and see all the beauty of Grenada with your own eyes!

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