Best places in the Caribbean for a yacht cruise

So, here we have a quick look at the most popular yachting destinations in the Caribbean. Go!

Windward islands

The Windward Islands are an archipelago that includes large and small islands of volcanic origin. Today, a number of small states are located on these islands: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia. The nature here is truly unique – mountains, tropical palms, reefs and cozy lagoons with water of various colors.

Numerous Caribbean cruises start in Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenada. Local skippers, in addition to their skills in yacht or catamaran management, are well aware of the features of the underwater relief. They swim into the most secluded bays, even where there are no mooring places. Crossings from one island to another can sometimes take up to fifty miles. But you, as a passenger, will simply enjoy your trip and get pleasant emotions and impressions.

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Leeward Islands

It is a group of islands south of the Windward Islands, just north of the Venezuelan coast. They are called “windward” and “leeward” in relation to the northeast winds of the trade winds. Here you can find the most picturesque places with untouched tropical nature and stunning sandy beaches. The rainy season on the Leeward Islands is very short, and it is almost always sunny here. For a sea voyage you couldn’t imagine anything better!

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The Bahamas are located north of Cuba. Here you will find corners of unspoiled tropical nature on small islets, as well as get acquainted with the local culture and customs of the islanders. The archipelago includes about 700 islands (almost 670 are uninhabited) and about 2,000 coral reefs. You can always swim between them on a yacht and constantly find something new and interesting.

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Lesser Antilles

This is perhaps the most popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean. Why? Because it still has the same stunning tropical nature, the unique culture of the locals, and almost ideal conditions for swimming all year round. And here are the best conditions for navigation. The approaches to the shore are just perfect, you can stop wherever you want. The islands are located a maximum of thirty miles from each other, so you don’t have to sail for a long time from one point to another. In short, there is everything here at once, just perfect!

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