Top-5 affordable yachts from the best shipyards

In this article, we will tell you about several well-known shipyards and their yachts that belong to the low-cost segment. The cost of a yacht trip largely depends on the chosen boat (probably even to the greatest extent on the yacht). So it is very important to choose the right budget. But at the same time, quite a comfortable and well-equipped option. Therefore, here we present the top-5 affordable yachts from the world’s best manufacturers.

The world’s best shipyards

There are not many manufacturers in this segment. Especially when we consider rather large ones with good infrastructure and technical support systems. The products of the companies described here have been holding leading positions in the markets for a long time, not only in the low-cost segment of sailing yachts but also among motorboats and catamarans.

The world’s best shipyards are located in France and Germany. Here we should mention the following ones: Jeanneau, Beneteau Dufour, Bavaria, Hanse, and Dehler. All their products have an aesthetic design, they are practical, reliable, and with good ergonomics. Good natural and synthetic materials, such as wood, glass, aluminum, and carbon are used even in low-cost models.

These manufacturers compete closely with each other, which means they try to stay in trend and use advanced modern technologies. And at the same time, all these shipyards have been on the market for a very long time, they have managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner. Thus, for example, French Jeanneau has been building yachts for over 60 years, and the leading figure of the market, Beneteau this year celebrates its 137th anniversary! Surely, the more eminent is the brand, the more expensive are its products, but we should note that everyone has the boats in the budget segment.

Many classic models from Bavaria and Hanse have been produced by these brands for over 10 years. Indeed, they regularly undergo restyling and get some new equipment, but still, they are based on the solutions tested by time and nautical miles and they are so loved by yachtsmen.

So let’s get straight to our list.

Top-5 affordable yachts

Here we will present the prices for these models. Since the cost of yacht maintaining and, as a result, the cost of its rental directly depends on them, no matter in which country of the world and in what season. So, here is our shortlist of budget boats, top-5 affordable yachts:

1. Bavaria cruiser 46.

Top-5 affordable yachts from the best shipyards - 2 - Sparks Life Worldwide

This model has been produced by Bavaria since 2013. The cruising yacht Bavaria Cruiser 46 (length 14.3 m and draft – 2.1 m) has a Mediterranean cockpit. There are 4 double passenger cabins on board. Its hull is made of fiberglass and is certified according to the CE (A) standard. That is, the boat can swim on the high seas. As for the cost of the Bavaria Cruiser 46, it starts from 190,000 € (excluding taxes).

2. Hanse 445.

Top-5 affordable yachts from the best shipyards - 4 - Sparks Life Worldwide

The sailing yacht of the German shipyard Hanse 445 was also presented back in 2013. This cruising yacht Hanse 445 has a length of 13.5 m and a draft of 2.25 m. There are also 4 double cabins here. The cost of a new yacht of this type is approximately 158,000 € (excluding taxes).

3. Salona 45.

Top-5 affordable yachts from the best shipyards - 6 - Sparks Life Worldwide

Salona 45 from Salona Yachts shipyard is also an interesting low-cost option. It is approximately 13.5 m long and 4.2 m wide. Its 4 cabins can accommodate up to 8 people in total. The price for such a yacht starts from 175,000 € (excluding taxes).

4. Dufuor 46.

Top-5 affordable yachts from the best shipyards - 8 - Sparks Life Worldwide

This is a popular model of a famous French shipyard, presented in 2015. The length of its hull is 14.2 m, and the draft is 2.2 m. There are 5 double cabins onboard for 10 people. Dufuor 46 is CE (A) certified. Its cost starts at € 215,000.

5. Elan 45.1.

Top-5 affordable yachts from the best shipyards - 10 - Sparks Life Worldwide

The most recent model on our list is the Elan 45.1. It has been produced by the Elan shipyard for the third year. Its length is 13.85 m, and the draft is 1.9 m. Up to 6 passengers can be accommodated onboard (3 double cabins). The CE (A) certification also allows this yacht to sail on the high seas. Its initial cost is 176,000 € (excluding taxes).

These top-5 affordable yachts presented here are not only low-cost but also comfortable and reliable. If you are on a cruise and are offered one of these boats, you should know that these are good options.

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