Rent a plane in the US

Clearly plan your time without losing a second, only a serious and enterprising person can. Of particular importance is this skill in cases when you need to organize a trip. There is neither the time nor the desire to adjust to the schedule of the airline, to monitor the availability of free space on the flight or to expect a transfer at the airport.

All of these unpleasant and very annoying factors can be avoided if you rent a private plane. Ordering a private charter to America – ensuring high-speed and comfortable flight in a serious atmosphere of business decisions or easy conversation with friends.

The order of a personal aircraft to America is made taking into account all wishes of the client. Business air transport is specially designed for organizing business flights and can provide its passengers with the best menu from their favorite restaurants, the service of courteous and friendly staff, the complete anonymity of the flight.

There are 110 airports in the United States, many of which are designed for the arrival of international charters. The most loaded of them is Atlanta, and the largest is Denver.

Especially popular with travelers are the airports from which flights are made to the main resorts of the world: Caribbean, Miami, Hawaii, etc. Everyone chooses the airport, the flight and the conditions of which are suitable for him.

Moreover, many US airports have official permission to take private flights, which simplifies the procedure for issuing permits for departure and landing.

To order a plane, you need to use the feedback form, contact the call-center or find the order form on the main page of the site. The main requirement for registration: correctly enter personal data, a means of communication, point of departure and landing, and the date of the planned flight.

All applications are checked and processed by the manager, after which it contacts the client and negotiates the current offers and travel nuances.

Tariffs for transportation by private plane in the USA

The calculation of the total amount for the order of personal air transport to America will depend on the route: the number of intended landings on the way to the final landing point. Not unimportant factor affecting the price of the order, is the brand of the aircraft, its dimensions and the quality of the trim.

In any case, all questions can be answered by our specialist, who is automatically assigned to each individual order, at any time of the day. Contact us in the most convenient way for you, and we will offer the best options for your flight.

Information for travelers

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