Flight procedure on a private plane

An important advantage of the business jet service is a simplified ordering process.

To rent a plane, the client enters into a contract and makes payment for services (the customer chooses the method of financial calculation). Permanent tenants appreciated the simplicity and comfort of the departure procedure.

Passengers should arrive at the place of departure of the aircraft half an hour before departure. From the documents they need only a passport. The registration process takes a minimum of time, as it eliminates idle in the queues.

Each of the passengers passes passport control, after which, closer to the time of departure, the passenger or team is delivered on board the aircraft.

Additional flight conditions are similar to regular flights (for example, if a visa is required to visit a foreign country, passengers on a charter flight will also not be able to travel there without a visa).

Some countries put forward a number of special conditions – this may be a fact of permission to arrive, confirmation of the purpose of your visit by the receiving party and other points.

You can learn more about this from our experts in a way that is convenient for you.

Information for travelers

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