Private jet to the Maldives

Private jet to the Maldives. The modern traveler no longer needs to stand in line for tickets and wait a long time for regular flights to the Maldives. You can quickly rent a comfortable plane in such a picturesque and remote corner of the world.

Moreover, you can plan your own route, traveling along which you can enjoy chic and comfort.

The duration of the flight from Europe and the CIS countries is on average 10 aces or more. Maldives   They have two airports: Malé Ibrahim Nasir and Gan. Modern business aviation produces fast flights without transfers and refueling.

An experienced crew is capable of delivering a client to a destination point in the shortest possible time, be it an important meeting or a speedy transfer.

On board the vessel continuously catches the connection, there is the Internet and the appropriate technological equipment. If you do not plan to do business during the flight, you can relax in the elegantly equipped cabin, enjoying the process without outside intervention. To rent an aircraft to the Maldives, you can use any equipped airport, regardless of the city of departure.

In order to order a private jet to the Maldives, you must leave a request on the site or use the “Callback”. You will need to specify:

  • the number of the intended trip;
  • departure point and point of arrival;
  • number of passengers;
  • special requirements or requests (if necessary).

When the application is sent to the company, the manager will immediately call you back to clarify the details of the flight.

The cost of ordering an aircraft to the Maldives – Private jet to the Maldives

To clarify the amount of the flight, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances – the type of aircraft, additional services, special conditions, distance of the flight, the need for maintenance personnel.

However, the main points can be calculated:

  • duration and feature of the route;
  • number of visitors on board;
  • model, aircraft tap;
  • standard fees;
  • service and maintenance;
  • additional services and customer wishes.

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