Private flight to Mauritius

A private flight to Mauritius is the best way to travel if your choice of a tour fell on such a distant journey. This aircraft is designed for quick and comfortable movement of people.   surrounded by only the right and important people. No need to spend time studying the schedule of ordinary aircraft and adjust your schedule for certain flights.

You yourself choose all the details of the trip – from the day and place of departure to the delicious dishes on board. Business aviation offers its travelers:

  • luxurious comfortable travel;
  • high flight speed;
  • reliability of transportation.

It is easy to arrange a plane rental – just leave a form on the website, call any number or place a call. You can ask questions and clarify the details you are interested in from a specialist company.

The price of renting a private flight to Mauritius

The cost of the flight is directly dependent on the distance of the route. Mauritius has only one airport, so it is necessary to plan in advance the route and time of arrival for a comfortable landing. The price depends on the chosen type of aircraft, its size and level of comfort.

In any case, the cost will not come as a surprise to you – the manager will announce it after careful calculations.

The interior design and equipment of the aircraft produced at the highest level:

  • rest rooms;
  • shower cabins;
  • sleeping places;
  • communication services, Internet;
  • air conditioning systems;
  • high noise isolation.

The activity of all ship personnel is aimed at creating the most comfortable and safe flight. On Mauritius travel mainly for recreation. Here are the gorgeous beaches, romantic sea coast, crystal clear water. This place is well suited for outdoor activities on the water – diving, snorkeling, fishing.

Fans of learning history on a business charter will allow you to learn more about the colonial era, studying the magnificent architectural works.

Ancient castles, developed markets, a seashell church and a pirate museum are not all extraordinary sights of Mauritius.

Information for travelers

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