Turkey – yacht tour “Secret Places”

тур на яхте турция

Yacht Tour – “Secret Places”

Turkey – yacht tour “Secret Places” cost = 850 euro/person

* all costs are indicated for one week per person with a crew of 8 people

Turkey – yacht tourSecret Places” price includes:

  • a place in a comfortable double cabin and a week’s stay on a yacht
  • group transfer airport – marina – airport
  • insurance covering outdoor activities
  • professional skipper (captain) services
  • training in practical skills of sailing yacht management
  • additional boat (dinghy) for disembarkation,
  • set of bed linen and towels
  • WiFi access
  • refueling
  • final cleaning of the yacht
  • excursion to “secret places
  • branded T-shirts for each guest
  • pleasant surprises from “Sparks Life Worldwide

Paid additionally:

  • flight (from 160 euros)
  • onboard cash desk (purchase of products, parking in marinas) – (100 euros)
  • REFUNDABLE Yacht Security Deposit (€ 220)

Do you want beautiful colors of the sea, but not hunting to fly far to the Caribbean or Maldives? Azure water and immaculate sandy beaches for the best photos – all this is in the program of our yacht tour in Turkey!

Day 1. Fethiye

After a comfortable flight, a group transfer from our company will meet you at the airport and take you to the port of Fethiye, from where our yacht journey will begin.

We check in, get to know the crew and go shopping for food. After that, we get the first instruction from the skipper and we can relax a little.The first evening is the classic start of the yacht tour in the Welcome Party format!

This will allow everyone to get to know each other better!

Turkey - yacht tour

Turkey - yacht tour

Day 2. Fethiye – Yassika Island – Gobun Bay

8:00 am – in order to refresh ourselves before a busy day, we go out to sea and go to have breakfast on the pretty small island of Kizil.

After breakfast we will go to Yassika Island. This island is very similar to the uninhabited one, all covered with pine and olive trees. It has secluded beaches and well-sheltered coves that are ideal for water activities.

Here we will stop and will be able to enjoy nature and the sea. In the late afternoon we will move to the very cute Gobun Bay and visit the cozy restaurant of the same name.

The cuisine here is delicious – fresh fish and various lobsters!We have dinner and stay overnight.

Day 3. Gobun Bay – “Secret place” – Dalyan/Caunos

We wake up in the beautiful Gobun bay. Around the crystal clear water, wonderful ancient ruins, an amazing place in the bosom of nature.

For the “larks” we have an offer – at 8:00 trekking to Mount Gobun from where an incredible landscape opens up, and our skipper, as a professional guide, will guide you.

The rest of the “owls” will be able to get enough sleep or swim in the bay. At 10:00 we go to “secret place # 1” and you will understand that you flew on a yacht tour in Turkey, and got to the Maldives for the same money.

We will not tell much, you will see everything for yourself!At lunchtime, we will go to Dalyan. “Dalyan” is translated from Turkish as “river bay for fishing”. “Turkish Venice” is often called this city, but because it is completely filled with straits and rivers.

Turkey - yacht tour

Turkey - yacht tour

Optionally, for an additional fee, we can visit the city of Kaunos. This is an ancient Carian city, the ruins of which are located not far from modern Dalyan.

The city is located in a picturesque area, on the banks of the Kalbis River, which connects it with the Aegean Sea. Here we can change the yacht to a boat for a short time and raft along the canals.

Another attraction of Dalyan is the “turtle beach”. Huge turtles, called Caretta Caretta, lay eggs here from May to October, which speaks of the cleanliness of the beach, since these animals live only in ecologically clean places. Local fishermen, for fun, lure turtles for blue crabs (another feature of Dalyan). You can watch them endlessly.

For an overnight stay, choose the favorite place of Princess Diana, yes, the same one, and go to My Marina.

Day 4. My Marina – Ciftlik

We will have breakfast at My Marina and proceed to Chiftlik Bay, which is also called the “Golden Coast”.

Chiftlik is a heavenly place. Namely, here you begin to realize the unbridled beauty of Turkey.The coarse sandy beach here enjoys great attention. It should be noted that the sea in this place is invariably mirror-clear.

The mountainous surroundings around the bay are very good diving spots.Today we are going to have dinner in a luxurious seafood restaurant, but don’t worry, there won’t be fabulous prices, but on the contrary, they are very acceptable (15 euros for a huge portion per person), and the food will be “lick your fingers.”

We will moor here and stay overnight.

Turkey - yacht tour "Secret Places" - 7 - Sparks Life Worldwide

Turkey - yacht tour

Day 5. Ciftlik – Arap Island – Serce Limani

Waking up, we will head to the Arap island to feel like a little Robinsons, because this island is uninhabited.

According to the Turkish atlas, it is located on the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.Next, our route will lead us to the bay known as the “Glass Ruins”. The Serce harbor is of interest to travelers on yachts and boats. The sea is also clean and clean.

Yachts in this location are protected even in stormy weather. A sunken 11th century Byzantine ship was found in this harbor, and today its hull and remains are on display at the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Bodrum.In this historic place we will stay overnight and have fun at Captain Nemo’s Farmrestaurant.

Day 6. Serce Limani – Baba Island – “Secret place”

Today we have two route options for your choice:

1) option Before dawn, we will go out to sea to get you as soon as possible to the stunning rocky island of Baba. From the tops of this island, magnificent views open up, just created for unforgettable photos.In addition to the views, there are luxurious diving spots. Divers who come here to dive prefer to dive at sunset. In the underwater world you can see moray eels, octopuses, scorpion fish.

Especially lucky divers can even come across a red octopus that lives off the coast of the Aegean Sea.After lunch, our yacht will sail to the next “Secret Location # 2”, where wishes come true in 3 days! And, in order to experience all the sacredness and magic of this place, we will moor and stay overnight here.

2) option After waking up we will head to a very unusual “secret place # 2” for breakfast, a cove with caves, somewhat similar to those in Thailand. Intrigued?After having a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant, we will go to another amazing place, popularly referred to as the “Gate to Tartarus”.

Then we will move to the stunning rocky island of Baba, where we will stop for lunch, and then snorkel in the azure water.For the night we will arrive at “secret place # 3″where wishes come true in 3 days! And, in order to experience all the sacredness and magic of this place, we will moor and stay overnight here.

турция яхт тур

Day 7. “Secret place “- Oludeniz – Fethiye

A wonderful good morning and in order to ground a little, we will go out to the island and arrange a short excursion and a photo session.

Closer to lunchtime, our transfer to Oludeniz – the most beautiful resort in Turkey. The beaches here are similar to the Caribbean.

The most famous of these, the Blue Lagoon, is covered with light sand and pebbles that contrast perfectly with the blue tint of the water.We drop anchor and land on the beach.

You will have the opportunity to fly a paraglider (for an extra charge), make a bunch of gorgeous photos for social networks, swim in the azure sea.

Turkey - yacht tour

яхт тур


Also, at the request of all tour participants, you can agree on the route with the captain and visit additional locations, such as:

  • Gocek Island
  • Manastir Bay – Cleopatra Hammam
  • Marti Koyu Gocek
  • Butterfly Valley

By 17:00 we arrive in Fethiye and our yacht trip is coming to an end.During this week, everyone has become very united, made friends and a new sea family has turned out, so a festive dinner in one of the colorful restaurants in Fethiye will be the logical end of our sea cruise.

Overnight and on Saturday morning we rent the yacht.We are waiting for you on your next cruise with your family, your friends, and we assure you that once you have tried yachting, you will want to sail again and again!

And we will be happy to fill your life with sparks and brilliance – Sparks Life!

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Frequently asked questions about yacht tours

Yes, this option is possible. In this case, you are not booking a ship, but only a separate cabin. If a sufficient minimum number of people is recruited, the tour takes place on the scheduled dates.

All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports)

You rent the yacht entirely for your group. You decide among yourselves who will be in which cabin. As a rule, the cabins do not differ much from each other in terms of space and comfort. If you are not booking a yacht, but a separate cabin, then you can choose from the options that are available at the moment.

Almost half of all people experience this unpleasant phenomenon to one degree or another, but luckily there are a few simple things that can help you in this situation. Here they are: Seasickness on a yacht, what to do?

The price of the tickets is not included in the price of the tour, you buy the tickets separately. But our experts are ready to help you in this matter. They will advise you how, where and when it is better to do it.

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