Yachting in the fall

Yachting in the fall – Where better to go on a yacht in the fall?

In the autumn, the directions for a tour on a yacht are varied. And there are a lot of them. For example, from Jamaica towards Belize. These areas are distinguished by reasonable prices and good weather conditions.

It is better to visit the countries in November, because it is this month that locals are preparing for a rich holiday season when they celebrate their traditional holidays (Thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas).

Experienced tourists know that a lot of deals also fall over this period of time, and the weather conditions make the cities one of the hottest.

It is worth starting with the Caribbean. From November, the noisy holiday season becomes calm. It is at this time that hotel rooms are free, there are no queues for sun loungers or cocktails, and the beaches are completely deserted.

South America is also a good place for autumn relaxation. Popular cities are considered to be:

  • Memphis;
  • Marfa;
  • Texas;
  • Tennessee.

These cities are striking for their high temperature, which persists throughout the year. However, only in November the weather is more favorable. This means that you can safely devote leisure to exploring the city or the desert, go to unique museums or delicious restaurants.

For longer holidays, it is worth visiting the Indian islands, in particular Andaman. In November, people here not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also swim in the clear sea water with elephants.

The urban atmosphere is inherent in Seoul (a city in Korea). Here rest in 10 days will be fascinating and unforgettable, and most importantly – it will reveal all the secrets of the capital of beauty.

Autumn vacation is most successful in the late fall. This time is suitable for swimming and sunbathing in the sun, as well as exploring new parts of the world.

Sparks company will help you choose the best yacht and build the most successful route so that your trip becomes truly unforgettable and memorable for a long time.

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