Yachting in the Azores

Yachting in the Azores will be an unforgettable journey even for experienced yachtsmen. The Azores is a complex consisting of several islands located in the Atlantic Ocean (jurisdiction of Portugal). To Europe from here about 1,5 thousand kilometers.

Do not wait from Azores developed tourist infrastructure. Here you will find stunning views, a unique atmosphere, superb landscapes and a variety of natural phenomena.

Rent a yacht in the Azores – ideal for those who want to plunge into nature and swim in the warm, clear sea. Traveling through the archipelago on a sailboat or a motor yacht will appeal to even a professional yachtsman.

Here shrubs bloom everywhere, see the cleanest lakes and velvet sand on the beach, grow rare trees, and the hospitable locals will be friendly to any guest.

How to spend a weekend or vacation in the Azores?

Each island in the archipelago has its own amazing, unique places. Daytime parking at the coast is a great opportunity to visit the grottoes and caves, the amazing nature reserve of Caldeira and other places in the Azores.

At Pico, you can watch whales and dolphins swimming in warm water. The center of the island is framed by frozen lava flows, in the middle of which is a large volcano. Divers have long been chosen by Pico: the underwater world is rich in various fish, corals and jellyfish.

Faial will meet you with a comfortable beach holiday. It should be noted that this island is a parking for those who swim across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship. In addition, there are many natural reserves and zones.

If you want to relax and unwind, for example, with your family, São Jorge or Graciosa will suit you. These islands will charm you with ancient churches and chapels, narrow streets with white houses.

Going to the Azores: when is the best time to plan a trip?

The season of the yacht in the Azores lasts more than six months: from March to October. Here come those who want to relax on the May holidays, lasting a few days. During this period, the cost of the vessel is relatively small.

The temperature of the air and water at this time varies from 22 to 25⁰ C. But, nevertheless, the weather is changeable, and you need to take some warm clothes with you – in the evening and at night it becomes much colder in Azores.

Yacht charter in the Azores is a journey that will provide you with many wonderful, unforgettable impressions. Our experts with great pleasure will help you with this. Contact us and we will arrange a trip according to all your wishes.

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