Yacht Tours in Thailand

In Thailand, yachting occupies a leading position. This is due to the fact that local natural attractions allow travelers to plunge into a new, unusual world. Exclusively in Thailand, the white beach is combined with stunning turquoise sea water, from which majestic sheer cliffs, overgrown with exotic flora, burst out.

The landscapes created by the nature remind pictures from a fantastic film. It is for this reason that the legend goes that supposedly here J. Cameron was inspired by nature and used flying rocks in the popular Avatar movie film.

Rent a yacht in Thailand is better in the period from November to April. Everything is due to the climatic zone of the country’s location. During this period here is dry, windless, warm. At the same time, the air temperature reaches 33 degrees, and water – 27.

But why are tours in Thailand so special? Everything is explained by the water area. The coastline here is somewhat specific due to its small fry.

The yacht is unlikely to be able to ride, so it is reasonable to rent a catamaran. On it you can easily go around the rocks, safely tack at shallow depths, enjoy the views and sights that created Mother Nature.

But despite this, the Thai fleet is equipped not only with catamarans, but also with monohuls and motor units. The main regions for sailing are the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Contact us and our company will take into account all your wishes and requirements for an unforgettable vacation.

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