Yacht rent in Southeast Asia

Thai territory is washed on both sides by the bay and the sea. At the same time, the country borders on:

  • Cambodia;
  • Laos;
  • Malaysia;
  • Myanmar;
  • Indonesia.

Such a neighborhood allows you to provide hundreds of islands for travel. Renting a yacht on the territory of the Thai islands, you will see the fringe of palm trees, the emerald sea, coral reefs and quaint villages.

The largest island of this country is Phuket . He is known not only for its history and culture, but also for its combination of a dilapidated past and a fantastic future.

Similan and Phi Phi are islands that will appeal to all lovers of the sea. Here there are cliffs of limestone, abruptly breaking off and as if falling into the depths of the ocean. And all this beauty is surrounded by coral gardens. Langkawi is a Malaysian island that enchants with the turquoise hues of the ocean, rice fields and wild jungle.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, consisting of more than 18 thousand islands. The eastern part of the archipelago (Bali and others) impresses with its unique landscapes, rich history, unique flora and fauna.

This corner will allow you to retire to yourself and visit the local temples, enjoy the comfort and tranquility. Primordial nature makes these places a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling .

Going on a journey aboard a luxury yacht, built in the spirit of traditional Indonesian sailboats phinisi , but equipped with all modern comforts, you have the opportunity to meet Komodo dragons, Banda whales, visit white or black sand beaches (of volcanic origin) on Lombok .

See sandalwood trees on Sumba Island , swim with dolphins, a giant sea devil and other inhabitants of the sea reefs, and finally, watch the sunset on board the yacht during a candlelit dinner.

And this is only a small part of what you can see by renting a yacht and developing an individual trip in our company. Upon request, you can visit deserted islands, sights, explore the underwater world with professional divers.

For the best deal, contact our managers and specify all the details, and we will organize the trip of your dreams. Regardless of whether it is a business trip, a family vacation or a romantic tour, we will take into account all your wishes and requirements.

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