Yacht charter in Ireland

The unique landscapes of Ireland have long attracted tourists from all over the world. Here the mountains, alternating roads, open the way to the winds that go on to the fields, going down to the sandy beaches, small villages, passing into the dense forests of coniferous trees.

On the shores of this magical island you can find many fjords and bays. The mild Irish climate allows you to contemplate the amazing neighborhood of plants that usually live in the south and north. It is worth visiting the natural parks “Bourne-Vincent” and “Phoenix”, as well as the reserve “Carr” – these places will be remembered for unforgettable impressions.

The western Irish coast is filled with bays, poorly populated islands and sandy beaches. Any yachtsman will be happy with such a gift, because what could be better than azure water and clean beaches? Traveling on a yacht, be sure to visit the county of Clare, where polished limestone is located along the entire coast.

Lady is the most popular bay among yachtsmen. It is noteworthy that it is in the south of the country that many quiet bays are located. The coastal Irish waters are full of a large number of small rocky island, and the coast from the Atlantic Ocean is cut by cliffs – sheer cliffs that reach 200 meters in height.

Ireland is famous for its history and culture. Thus, the country’s territory is famous for a large number of ancient castles, each of which has its own, incredibly interesting legend. In Dublin there is a fortress, which was built in the 12th century, surrounded by a protective wall and a moat. To date, there is a large library.

Traveling on a yacht near Aran Island, you can unwittingly become a hostage during the times of the Celts and the heyday of early Christianity. This place is truly unique – here you can see patchwork fields, long limestone cliffs, endless beaches. By the way, the population here is friendly, guests are always welcome.

Those who like water sports should definitely visit Ireland. Here, many people love fishing, sailing and surfing. There are also high-quality golf courses, and many tourists come here only to play their favorite game with a worthy opponent.

Horse riding is a true passion of the people of Ireland. Here they often hold competitions in classical dressage and show jumping, and the honorable place among such events is occupied by the western.

Ireland is not strong in the national cuisine: it will be difficult to find something unusual. Traditional dishes are prepared simply and mostly on an open fire, without the use of spices. So, here you can taste dishes of lamb, pork, potatoes and cabbage. Irish shepherd’s pies – a real masterpiece of cooking.

Beaches in Ireland are crowded in the west, south and east, where the rocks are not too high, and the coast is surrounded by hills. County Donegal is famous for its beautiful and comfortable beaches, which are most popular in the country. Divers will immediately love this water.

Dives should begin in March and end in October. During this period, the water is the warmest – the temperature reaches 20 degrees. It is noteworthy that in this period of time the visibility of the Atlantic coast is 30 meters, whereas in the Irish Sea   only 15 meters.

Rest on the Irish yachts like any traveler. It is here that in a few days you can be filled with the freshness of the Atlantic air, the beauty of the nature untouched by the human hand and the true architecture of the Middle Ages.

To travel across the Irish expanses, you can create an individual route using catamarans, yachts and other ships.

Specialists of the Sparks company will provide you an individual tour, including all your wishes. And also offer options for the best yachts for an unforgettable trip.

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