What makes a sailing holiday so special?

Sailing yachts are an exclusive and very popular form of water transport.

Renting a sailing yacht will give you wonderful emotions and a sea of impressions in the water. Yachts have a lot of fans, there are even well-known communities with yachtsmen and connoisseurs of a real cool sea holiday.

On this ship you can hold various corporate parties, celebrate birthdays and just relax with your family if you prefer a more relaxed pastime.

A sailing yacht charter will help you choose the most suitable vessel option for your type of holiday.

Classification of sailing yachts

Sailing yachts can be divided into different types according to many parameters. For each cruise option, renting different types of yachts is suitable.

So, ships of this type differ in:

  • purpose (for travel or racing);
  • opportunities to move away from the coastline (for walking, cruising);
  • number of cases (one or more);
  • status (private or charter);
  • production material (plastic, wood, metal, reinforced cement), etc.

In addition, monohull sailing yachts, according to the option of creating a leveling moment, are keel, dinghies and compromises. Keep in mind that this is not the whole list of options, so the charter company will help you choose a vessel that will suit you and brighten up your weekend.

Pros and cons of sailboats

Rest on a yacht with a sail has excellent autonomy – this vessel in no way depends on the availability of fuel. Basically, such a yacht can travel very long distances, the main thing is the presence of wind on the way.

Also, the sailing yacht is very comfortable – modern models have everything you need for a good time:

  • kitchen;
  • toilet and shower room;
  • refrigerator;
  • light;
  • air conditioner.

Sailboats are as spacious as motor boats, but narrower.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then the main disadvantage of a sailing yacht is the need to properly manage it. But, to solve this problem, charter companies have come up with a skipper service that will free you from all worries and control the entire journey.

The advantage of a sailing yacht over a motor yacht

As a motor yacht charter or sailing charter, we can tell you why a sailboat attracts vacationers. These boats are more stable, due to the greater thrust they sink better into the water.

Also, unlike motor yachts, sailing yachts cut waves more slowly, which gives smoother movement.

In addition, these yachts make much less noise because they work without a motor. And the most important plus is that you can go long distances on a sailing yacht without worrying about running out of fuel.

Of course, there should always be a reserve, but the main engine in a sailboat is a fair wind. It also adds to the economy in using this type of vessel.

The advantage of a sailing yacht over a catamaran

A sailing yacht is perfect for those who prefer driving rest and extreme sports. On this ship you can have great fun, ride the waves and get high.

At the same time, the sailboat is perfect for a quiet quiet sailing.

Catamarans, in turn, are not very suitable for “sharp” trips. In addition, the price of parking a catamaran in the marina is a couple of times more expensive, due to its large width.

If you want to really have fun with friends, family or just ride the waves in silence, we recommend renting a sailing yacht with an experienced skipper.

A professional will not only carefully ply your flight, but also tell you about local attractions, as well as make you a pleasant company.

Sailing trips are suitable for a completely diverse holiday.

You can enjoy the purest water, immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of wildlife or just stay in a quiet bay and retire with your loved one.

This is a wonderful chance to create a good romantic story, get a lot of impressions from the holiday and see a lot of new places.

An experienced skipper can accompany you on a cruise, which will allow you to completely relax and take you exactly to those places that you dream of visiting.

Of course, it is also possible to steer the boat yourself if you have the appropriate license and do not want to take an extra person on board.

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