Tours on the yacht in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are both islands and independent states. These corners are suitable for yachting in the Caribbean, because there are no problems with obtaining a visa for tourism.

Antigua will impress guests with an excellent infrastructure for yachts, which includes:

  • the English Harbor fleet , located on the south side of the island;
  • port jolly Harbor, located in the west.

Yachts depart from these ports, with a choice of two routes.

  • In the southern part to visit Guadeloupe, Dominica or Martinique.
  • In the north, which allows you to stick to the coves of Barbuda , St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Barthelemy.

Antigua is an island known for its frequent hauls on yachts. These include the Antiguan Boat Show, Russian Business Regatta and Antiguan Sailing week. The geographical location also attracts divers by the fact that it is possible to swim among the sunken ancient ships, coral reefs.

The location of Barbuda is radically different from Antigua. The island can not please the same level of infrastructure. This island belongs to the category of reserves. However, the combination of turquoise sea water, pink beaches and exotic birds will certainly attract the attention of tourists.

Our managers will be happy to offer you options for an individual tour in these areas. To do this, contact us in a convenient way for you and we will take into account all the wishes, both when renting a yacht, and when drawing up the route for your trip.

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