Schedule of events on yachts for 2019

Every year more than 50 yacht events are organized. In various parts of the world various exhibitions, presentations and celebrations take place. Any exhibition has an individual approach to the organization, therefore it is able to surprise both experienced owners and people just planning to purchase a yacht.

Such events involve not only a visual inspection of vessels, but also a chance to consult with experts in this field. It is on these routs that you can get comprehensive information about certain vessels, learn about world trends and know-how.

Such events are endowed with a special atmosphere created by innumerable receptions, parties, sea and river walks.

The Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show should rightfully be considered the most large-scale and significant events . Both events fall in September, the first – in 10-15 numbers, the second – from 25 to 28.

About fifty years Cannes Yacht Festival takes a leading position among large-scale international events in the shipping industry. Almost for a week, Cannes is transformed: massive shipyards, brokerage firms, yacht owners and just amateurs.

All of this dilutes the 50,000-strong crowd that has arrived from different parts of the world to admire modern and classical ships – giants.

The Monaco show is a bit different. Here are the models of the highest class, equipped with the latest technology. The event takes place in the famous Porto Hercules, and Monaco itself is transformed for several days into the mega luxurious epicenter of the exhibition of the best yachts.

In 2018, 125 super yachts were presented here, whose cost equated to more than three billion euros. Monaco Yacht Show included over 40 premieres, which were presented   trends and global developments in equipment and style design for luxury yachts.

Events taking place in Barcelona are becoming increasingly popular:

  • Palma Superyacht Show (27.04. To 01.05.);
  • The Superyacht Show ( May 8 – May 11 ).

The organizers have landscaped the rented private long-time port of One Ocean PortVell, conveniently located right in the city center. This gave the event some privacy, creating a special position in the “narrow circle”.Cooperating with specialists of the luxury class, VIP-zones are equipped at the event, so the event takes place in a private atmosphere – luxurious and fascinating.

Among the American exhibitions are the following:

  • Miami International Boat Show (10.2 – 18.02);
  • Palm Beach International Boat Show (March 28 – March 31);
  • Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (10.30 – 03.11).

A well-known yachting company has long chosen Florida as a strategic center, however, offices are located in every corner where events take place. FLIBS has an incredible number of giant ships.

Delightful leviathans create an incredible atmosphere on the coast, turning an ordinary exhibition into a legendary show that every supporter and lover of yachts must visit.

Another kind of ship shows are charter shows. A striking example of such an event – Antigua Charter Yacht Show ( 04.12 – 09.12). Mostly it is aimed at brokerage companies. By visiting this show, you can get the really valuable knowledge that a broker needs in order to select a client’s yachts, to satisfy his needs as much as possible.

Acquired skills allow competently and flawlessly organizing trips on rented vessels. For clients, visiting such an event is a great opportunity to independently choose a yacht for travel. It is here that you can fully inspect the ship, talk with the crew, and even taste the dishes from the chef.

But if you do not have time to choose yachts for travel independently, our experts will help you choose a yacht to your taste and specifically for your trip. Contact our company in a convenient way for you and get all the details.

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