Private yacht in Seychelles

A private yacht in the Seychelles has active swimming and provides an opportunity to explore all the local beauty:

  • white crystal beaches;
  • mysterious bays;
  • quiet harbor;
  • depth of watery depth;
  • tropical islands.

It is not by chance that the Seychelles is called the earthly paradise, whose islands are washed by clear, radiant waters. The archipelago consists of 115 separate islands enticing the tropics.Most of them bypass the cyclonic belt, maintaining favorable climatic conditions for travel.

It does not matter if you do not have your own ship – renting a yacht in the Seychelles quickly solves this problem. Charter yachts have everything you need to organize snorkeling and diving.

Choosing a place of rest, we recommend to visit Mahe,   Praslin   and   La Digue, the central and most developed islands of the Seychelles. They are created for the most comfortable rest of tourists:

  • combine cultural heritage and modern economy;
  • equipped with safe moorings;
  • suitable for sailing training.

However, these are not the only vibrant Seychelles islands. If you want to visit a cozy corner, untouched by the labors of human activity, find unity with nature and discover incredible wild landscapes – go to the External or Coral Islands.

Undoubtedly, traveling in the Seychelles, you should visit the group Aldabra. This is one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO, striking in its uniqueness. Whatever corner of Seychelles you choose, the journey will definitely give positive emotions and make a fantastic impression.

Swimming with a skipper, crew, alone, on a giant yacht or catamaran – the method and composition are not important, the main thing is the journey itself! Do not deny yourself this pleasure – please yourself with the incredible beauty of the Seychelles! Contact us with the experts of Sparks international to rent a yacht on a paradise island.

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