Business yachting

The concept of “business yachting” implies a travel option in which active members of a team take part, whose activities are aimed at improving and modifying the company. It can be both ordinary employees and managers, coaches, psychologists, logisticians and coaches.

To increase the level of the company’s functioning, it is necessary to organize trainings, master classes, seminars and simple conversations. Their goal is to give impetus to new ideas. What better way to shake the system, break stereotypes and give a surge of inspiration than comprehensive training on a yacht?

This is a journey, and training, occurring simultaneously. Non-standard form of education is able to develop and excite the mind, giving the owners creative ideas.

Many modern managers of promising companies use business yachting for a qualitative increase in performance. There is no better way to combine business with pleasure – work with leisure.

Caring and attentive leader   feels the moment when the company has “exhausted itself” – there are no new projects, and boring ideas do not bear fruit. This is not a reason to change a proven and harmoniously working team, but a task solved by creating   positive emotions. This format of events is an unforgettable gift for every employee.

The water element is able to thoroughly turn the people’s worldview, adding bright colors to the gray working days. You may be surprised, but after such a trip, office life will go differently: non-standard projects, unusual ideas, enormous prospects – all this will be the result of a yacht trip.

The experience of organizing a yachting business demonstrates that a week-long journey is enough to prioritize the participants, for the development and personal growth of employees.

The non-standard form of training has a positive effect on the consciousness of employees, and if you add stunning sunrises and magnificent beauty, a qualitatively new sense of reality will come out.

We offer several options for business yachting:

  • trainings with business trainers selected by the organizers or with the participation of trainers and mentors of the customer;
  • field seminars involve the development of the team and the expansion of its specialization due to the thematic presentations of certain specialists;
  • Since childhood, the game is the most understandable way of imitation and development, for business people virtual, business, competitive business games are held, involving the participation of playing trainers;
  • consultations, meetings and presentations.

Result you business travel on a yacht:

  • motivational growth;
  • acquisition of valuable theoretical and practical experience;
  • non-standard simulation of complex situations, contributing to the formation of a clear mechanism for making the right decisions;
  • development of non-standard thinking of employees;
  • disclosure of the potential of the team;
  • team unity.

Corporate travel on a yacht is the best way to motivate employees to further success. Get a consultation.

Information for travelers

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