Yachting on the islands of Thailand

Yachting on the islands of Thailand along the route: Ko Chang – Ko Wai – Ko Rang – Ko Mak – Ko Kut – islands of the Ko Lau archipelago – Ko Chang. Thailand has long become a cult country for tourists. There are many surprises and pleasant impressions for every traveler. The richest nature, ancient history with traditions and carefully protected culture attracts people from all over the world.

Yachting around the islands of Thailand – an exciting journey with the “Sparks Life” company

Koh Chang is one of the largest islands in Thailand – the third in area after Koh Samui and Phuket. The island is located in a bay that was once called Siam, it had common borders with Cambodia. There are not too many people here, which makes this area ideal for relaxation: gorgeous vegetation, beautiful beaches, many sea inhabitants have turned Koh Chang into a real paradise. In addition, the area has a rich history: the occupation by Japan during the Second World War, the seizure of territories by France, etc. Legends about the pirates of that time still seem to saturate the local air. Commemorative buoys were installed in the places of the Thai ships that sank in those days.
This is where our exciting adventure starts. We will make the transitions on a comfortable catamaran Lagoon 400. This vessel is rightfully considered the champion among sailing boats that are offered for rent. The catamaran is easy to fly, safe and very beautiful. The 4 cabins can accommodate 8 guests. There is also a spacious wardroom and 4 bathrooms. For safety, comfort and coziness, this yacht is able to satisfy even the most discerning guests.

Travel plan :

Sparks Life invites you to the most interesting and adventurous yachting in the islands of Thailand from January 9-16, 2021.
Day 1. Koh Chang or “elephant island”.
This island is the territory of the Mu-Ko-Chang National Park, which unites a group of 52 islands. There is a stable favorable microclimate and hospitable aborigines.
It is a real paradise for divers: coral reef, gentle sea and rich underwater fauna attract deep-sea diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Here you can take exciting hiking tours to the center of the jungle, where you can see more than 60 species of birds, wild boars, deer and mongooses.
Day 2. Koh Wai.
This place is especially popular with those travelers who love tranquility and privacy. Here you will find a couple of quiet, deserted beaches with gentle sea and gentle sand, bungalows and a hut. It is also possible to have a great time here, snorkelling or exciting fishing.
Day 3. Koh Rang Marine Reserve.
The purest azure water, many corals and fish that are protected by the reserve, intricate deep rocks – all this will amaze you with its beauty. In addition, there is a gorgeous white sand beach with trees growing on its territory. You can hide under them from the scorching sun rays.
Day 4. Ko Mak.
This tiny islet, with a total area of ​​only 16 square meters, will outshine any large island with its own beauty. It is an impeccable romantic place surrounded by sandy beaches on all sides. The island is covered with rubber and coconut plantations.
From the only hill, Ko Mak, you can see an amazing view of the bay and the nearby island of Ko Kham. In the eastern part of the area, there are grottoes with marine life.
Day 5. Koh Kut.
Between the northern zone of Koh Kut and Koh Maysi Lek is a tiny islet. This is a private property where the monks are engaged in the extraction of honey.
The Koh Kut area is the least populated of all the islands. The most beautiful waterfalls and small rivers are simply mesmerizing with their views. After climbing the river, you can admire the magical waterfall Nam Tok Klong Chao, at the bottom of which there is a font. Here you can soak up the crystal clear water while enjoying the birdsong.
Day 6. Koh Lao Archipelago.
Today we will go on a real adventure through the Ko Lao archipelago. Its islands are considered wild due to the lack of amenities and modern comforts of civilization. Here you can have a great time fishing for perch.
Day 7. Return to Koh Chang.
Today we arrive at the base and rent the yacht. Our journey, full of impressions and adventures, has come to an end.

Sparks Life invites you to the most exciting and interesting yachting tours. We will be glad to meet again!

Tour cost – from 620 EUR per person.

The trip price includes:

  • boat rental;
  • services of a skipper who speaks Russian;
  • gas;
  • set of dishes;
  • first and last night at the port.

The travel price does not include:

  • air travel;
  • delivery by transfer – airport – marina – airport – from 5 to 20 EUR per person;
  • sports class insurance – from 5 to 10 EUR per person;
  • deposit returned after the trip;
  • team expenses: parking in marinas, fuel, outboard engine, cleaning;
  • expenses during the trip: food, entrance tickets to reserves, parks, souvenirs.

Information for travelers

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