Yacht journey – carnival in the Canary Islands

Yacht journey along the route:

Tenerife – La Homer – Gran Canaria – Fuerteventura – Lancarote – Tenerife

Yacht journey. Since the 18 century, an unforgettable, colorful carnival has been held every year in the capital of Tenerife Island. By scale, this is the second carnival event after the famous action in Rio de Janeiro. About 1 million people participate every year. For 7 days, a lot of locals and guests come to the carnival. To date, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival has every chance of becoming one of the World Heritage Sites.

People taking part in the festival wear colorful masks, suits, dance, have fun and simply enjoy life. Each year any certain carnival theme is chosen. Once here, every person, regardless of age or type of activity, will certainly find an occupation to his liking and will definitely not miss.

About a travel

Sparks Life invites you to visit the annual carnival on Tenerife Island. Our yacht journey will take place from February 13 to February 20, 2021. We will travel on the beautiful, comfortable yacht Bavaria 45 Cruiser, which will comfortably accommodate 8 people plus 2 crewmembers. In addition to 4 cabins on the ship there are 2 bathrooms with shower, a spacious cabin-company and a galley equipped with everything necessary.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the islands we’re visiting.

La Homer

This area is very popular among travelers primarily for its magnificent nature. The landscapes surprise the rolled slopes, abundant covered with bright green vegetation. Because of this relief, communication between settlements in the area has always been somewhat difficult. To this day, the mass of zones of the island remained intact by man, retaining its own pristine look. One of the brightest impressions is the millennial bay forest, around which there are constantly mists.

Gran Canaria

This paradise corner is in the Atlantic Ocean, about 210 metros from the African coast. The capital of this, the third largest island, is the city of Las Palmas, located in the northern part of the area. The magnificent climate, which reigns here almost all year round, will certainly please tourists with warm sunny weather, affectionate ocean and comfortable sandy beaches.


The island is grateful for its own name and original popularity to the sea traveler from Normandy Jean de Betancourt. Based on the preserved records, after conquering the area at the beginning of the 15 century, the sailor exclaimed “Que forte Aventura!” which in translation means “What a strong adventure!.” Every tourist who came here for at least a day can understand the truth of this phrase.

There are more than 150 beaches with sparkling sand and azure water. It is for this that travelers called this area “paradise corner.”


This volcanic island is considered the closest to the African continent. The area received its name thanks to LancelottoMaloseio, a Genoese sailor who first landed on the island in the early 14 century. Aboriginal people often refer to it as “fiery land” for having more than 300 volcanoes here. The business card of the area – about 300 craters of pink, black, red flowers and intricate vineyards with unusual figures for us in the form of rings.

This is because an impressive layer of ash shelters the fertile land of the island and the population has to plant plants in deep pits, surrounding them with pieces of solidified lava.

Now let’s take a quick look at the main program of the amazing carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

About a carnival

As mentioned above, the carnival program – is developed for 7 days. The whole holiday takes place in several stages. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.


This is the first stage or opening of the festive action, during which the host of the carnival will familiarize guests and residents of the area with the upcoming events. Translated from Spanish, Pregon denotes a scream or street vendor song.

Murgas and Komparsas

It is a competition between music groups here and authors of joke pamphlets on topical topics. To be precise, Murgas is a song with funny texts and body movements. AndComparsas are incendiary dances in bright suits.

Choice of the queen of a festival

At this stage, a queen chosen. In order to claim this title, the girl must have impressive physical training. The fact is that the maximum attention focused on suits, which are prepared by professional Sweden and designers almost all year. These luxurious blankets weigh a lot and are also voluminous in both length and width. They exceed the size of their owner by several times, so it is very difficult to move in dresses.

Girls rise to a special stage and move slowly, give the audience an opportunity to consider their suits. Naturally, there can be no talk of dancing in such dresses.

Competition of transvestites

It’s pretty clear here. Exclusively men attend this competition. They are wrapped in spectacular outfits, and shoes on mega high heels are worn on their feet. Of course, their blankets are less voluminous and heavy than those of the beauties from the previous competition of the Queen’s choice, but the requirements for competing are somewhat different. Here not only suits, but also ability to move beautifully to music are evaluated.


It’s a huge parade that goes right after the Queen’s choice and the trans show. On the streets of the city a lot of viewers gather, and past them pass winners of competitions in luxurious carnival clothes. In addition, most of the public is dressed in such outfits, thanks to which the festive atmosphere is simply high. Similar activities are being carried out for children’s audiences.


As mentioned above, the carnival is visited annually by about 1 million people, alas, but there are not enough tickets for all. Therefore, free celebrations are held for those wishing, to which the entrance is free. Such events are very fun: Latin American music is played, a concert program is held, and everyone dances and rejoices in life.

Funeral of a sardine

This is the final stage of the holiday. It is understood that it is not as fun as all previous events, because the carnival is ending. According to the established tradition, stuffed sardines carry the audience. It is carried down the main street to the local beach, where it is left for eternal rest. On that, our exciting yacht journey also approaches the final. Sparks Life invites you to join us on other exciting tours! We always offer for our clients only the best!

Travel cost – yacht journey :

The price of our unforgettable tour is 850 EUR per person.

Is included in the price:

  • Cabin accommodation on a yacht;
  • The services of a skipper who speaks Russian;
  • First and final nights at the port.

For an extra charge:

  • Flight by air – from 250 EUR per person (tickets must be ordered in advance);
  • Transfer delivery – airport – marina – airport – from 5 to 20 EUR per person;
  • Sports class insurance – from 5 to 20 EUR per person;
  • Command expenses: food, stops in marinas, fuel, tourist tax fee – 150 EUR per person;
  • Comfort service: cleaning, towels and a set of bed linen, internet on the ship and boat with a hinged engine – 300 EUR per team (payment takes place at the place of arrival on the yacht);
  • Insurance deposit for the ship – 3 000 EUR from the team (payment is made at the place of arrival on the ship before the trip, after the cruise finance is returned).

It is important to know :

If you have wishes for a change of yacht or route, it is possible to select another ship and adjust the tourist plan to the individual request of clients.

Contact “Sparks Life” With us, the journey will be easy and saturated with positive emotions, unforgettable, bright impressions. We will help to rent any yacht in accordance with the most demanding wishes of the clients. You can find out more interesting information by clicking on the link.

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