Individual tour on the yacht

Individual tour on the yacht. If you are bored with an all-inclusive vacation, and the number of stars that determine the hotel rating has long ceased to amaze you, then we suggest you to learn new, incomparable feelings of freedom and unity with the sea! This is possible if you follow our advice and go on an exclusive tour on a comfortable yacht.

You can rent such a ship in our company: you can rent it and follow the developed route, and our experienced skippers will accompany you.

Our profile is the organization of yacht tours in many countries: You can get acquainted with the coastal waters of Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey, visit the French Cote d’Azur, the Caribbean , the Seychelles and the legendary mainland island of Tahiti.

Together with us there are also possible fascinating river walks by river canals of France and Italy – along the way you can visit local sights, museums and chateau.

You can be confident in the professionalism of our seafarers – skillfully controlling the yacht, they will provide you with comfort, carelessness and safety, and if you want to learn to steer the ship yourself, you will become excellent instructors for you.

You will appreciate the many advantages of a cruise under sail – a vacation of this kind will be ideal for both a novice traveler and an experienced sailor.

A cruise on a yacht will allow you to discover an unknown world and experience unsurpassed emotions: pleasant acquaintances with new friends and unknown fantastic places worth visiting are waiting for you!

Tourists who have seen species often turn to us – and find what they were looking for: our tours give them a sea of ​​vivid impressions and a lot of positive. And we, in turn, do not get tired to surprise our customers with creative offers.

Priorities for an individual tour on the yacht :

  • You will be able to see and learn much more than during your stay at the hotel, making discoveries daily, getting to know new landscapes and beauties;
  • You will have the opportunity to dive and snorkel , swim in the deep sea with an aqualung near the colonies of magnificent coral reefs, visit tunnels and caves at the bottom;
  • You are guaranteed an interesting leisure in the port cities – at the request of customers, they can be organized for paid excursions, visits to attractions, local museums, galleries;
  • You will not see the mass tourist clusters (the trajectory of the cruise is far from noisy places – hotels, beaches, teeming embankments), but you can visit absolutely deserted islets and beaches.

From now on, rest on sailing yachts is available not only to their owners. If you prefer a yacht tour from our company, you will not go wrong and will not be disappointed – you will have an exciting journey to unknown shores accompanied by a professional skipper , and you will not have to worry about route planning or navigation issues.

To do this, simply contact our experts and we will translate your desires into reality.

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