Wedding ceremony on the yacht

For many people, a wedding is a special event that one wants to capture not only in a photo or video, but also in memory. It is possible to make a wedding celebration truly unique, unusual and memorable on a yacht.

Such a trip on the sea surface on a comfortable yacht will allow you to change your life, bring more exciting memories into it. Order reliable ship at a good price possible in our company Sparks.

The list of services provided includes not only the celebration of the wedding ceremony on the deck of the ship, but also full training in yachting skills.

Variations of the organization and conduct of the wedding ceremony on the deck of the yacht

The possibilities of our company are limited solely by the wishes of customers. The list of services allows you to organize:

  • Solemn marriage ceremony on board of the ship. Your bride in a snow-white dress, covered with a chic veil, and to the proposal to become a lawful wife answers “Yes.” And all this in the presence of witnesses and sea elements.
  • The fabulous wedding ceremony of the “prince” and the beautiful “Assol” on a yacht with red sails.
  • Wedding, taking into account the best traditions of Thai culture, including cultural customs, exotic cuisine, all kinds of fruits.
  • The ceremony of creating a new family on the ocean shore, covered with white sand, in the presence of virgin, untouched by nature civilization.
  • Underwater wedding surrounded by marine inhabitants and ocean depths.
  • Solemn wedding event on the territory of the most romantic states – France, Italy, Spain, Greece. It should be noted that the trip of the new family to the place of future residence in the “honey” month will be carried out by a yacht or catamaran.
  • Classic wedding with a large number of guests, while we offer a non-standard honeymoon – on board a yacht surrounded by the ocean depths.
  • Rent of the vessel to persons owning the rights of the skipper, for independent navigation on an individually designed route. At the same time you can visit the territory of the best European beaches, exotic islands.In the absence of rights, you can use the services of the skipper of our company or undergo qualified training with the subsequent assignment of rights of international standard.
  • A declaration of love and a marriage proposal to your lady. In this case, the yacht will become an original way to make an offer whereby your chosen one cannot say no.
  • A bachelor party on a yacht that will be remembered by you and your friends. In this cultural program may include a trip to the popular beaches of the world, diving, training in ship management, water lilies, fishing.
  • Romantic sailing trip that will inflame feelings and give your spouse an unforgettable holiday. Such a sailing trip will not leave indifferent your chosen one and life partner, and will remind you of the importance of each other in living together.

Here you can not only rent a yacht for a wedding ceremony. We offer a few more – complete organization of the event on a turnkey basis, taking into account your requirements and wishes. To do this, contact our experts and voice all your wishes.

At the same time, be prepared for the fact that one trip on a yacht will become the meaning of your whole future life, and you will not be able to deny yourself the pleasure of retireing in the ocean spaces again.

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