Island wedding ceremony

Island wedding ceremony. When boring standard ceremonies do not attract, and I want to celebrate such a joyful event of marriage in an informal setting – an international one comes to the rescue   Sparks company. Moving away from the hustle and bustle of the ceremonial halls, we suggest you take an oath of allegiance on extraordinarily beautiful islands.

We present to your attention the six most worthy places for extraordinary marriage.

  1. Tobacco Reef is an incredible coral island with clean white beaches and azure water. Magnificent coconut palms and a huge reef – a great help to create extraordinary photos.
  2. Kuna Yala Panama Corner – the original place for a wedding. Deep traditions and fascinating culture will bring special colors and mood to the event. Romantic landscape will complement the large beaches with crystal water.
  3. Ilha Grande is a corner of the world almost untouched by human activity. Severe bans even people of royal blood are not allowed to move by car. The ceremony here is a complete immersion in ancient times, providing unity with nature.
  4. Ko-Tarutao is the most suitable place for the solitude of a young family. Rest in a national park, enjoying each other in the rain forests and dainty dishes of national cuisine – what could be better?
  5. Heron is a corner of Australia, where not only nature, but also its inhabitants will seem unusual to you. There are no templates, and the local inhabitants of the animal world will kindly keep you company. On Heron, you can find a whale running alongside herons, toothed sharks and “tanning” turtles.
  6. Sao Tome and Principe is a very budget version of the celebration on the islands. Impeccable views, cocoa plantations, high mountains – all this creates an unforgettable impression of visiting these places. Small houses, made in light pink tones, create a warm atmosphere, favorable for the rest of a young couple.

No matter which of the places you prefer – our experts will help organize a nonstandard wedding celebration on the islands in a fantastic way.

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