Helicopter charter flights – save your time

Renting a helicopter is a fast, convenient and undoubtedly effective method of transportation. Sparks Life offers a large selection of aircraft that meet the most stringent reliability and safety requirements. Helicopter charter flights – save your time.

Advantages of helicopter charters

In the endless stream of a metropolis, a helicopter flight saves a lot of time and nerves for business people due to the fact that the aircraft moves much faster than a car, avoiding traffic jams. As a result, you can easily cover a long distance and will not be late for the airport or for a business meeting.
For a variety of excursions and sightseeing, a flight to hunt or fishing in hard-to-reach places, it is best to use a light helicopter. It is also ideal for romantic travel. In addition, landing on this aircraft does not require a lot of space.
When ordering a charter from Sparks Life, you get the following benefits:
  • access to an extensive list of airports in hard-to-reach areas;
  • personal manager;
  • a wide range of helicopters of various comfort;
  • terminal without waiting in line and delays.

Charter rates

The pricing policy for renting a helicopter is calculated in each case individually. Affect the cost:
  • the number of passengers;
  • type of air transport;
  • flight time;
  • air travel distance;
  • number of transfers (if any);
  • additional services on board.
If unforeseen circumstances arise, for example, landing outside the flight plan, extending the duration of the flight in the air, and so on, the charter price increases according to the situation.

How to apply for a helicopter rental

To order a helicopter charter from Sparks Life, you just need to call us at our contact numbers. Our specialist will tell you in all the details about the booking procedure. In addition, the application can be sent to the email address.
Choose the best service with Sparks Life!

Information for travelers

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