Corporate vacation on a yacht

Corporate vacation on a yacht. For a pleasant joint holiday, the whole team uses corporate yachting. This is one of the new forms of yacht travel, aimed at rallying the team together and forming an integral team. Such tours strengthen communication in the team, allow employees to get to know each other again in an informal setting.

Yachting is an active sport for courageous travelers and an unbeatable place to relax! We offer an exciting and fashionable way to conduct important events – corporate yachting.

Conquer the sea wave, feel the wind, beating in the face, admire the views and meet the inhabitants of the water depths – what could be brighter and better than such sensations?

Corporate yachting is a universal way to build quality relationships in a team. Any event can be organized on a seagoing vessel, the main thing is that it will undoubtedly bear fruit.

The week of charter navigation will be quite enough to form a cohesive team in which each of the participants will understand their purpose and strive for high performance.

Feelings experienced during the yacht trip, can not be experienced in any other form of corporate recreation – drive, exciting experiences, vivid emotions and fabulous frames.

Such a tour helps to open new facets in people, gives new ideas and impressions, changing the team qualitatively for the better. Corporate yachting is able to reveal the potential abilities of “gray mice” and give every participant the opportunity to “come off”.

In any case, the yacht tour will transform your team, adding bright colors to the gray office life.

A corporate yacht tour is held in various formats, which are chosen depending on the goals:

  • corporate regatta – an active sports tour, the participants of which will be involved in competitions and tournaments, allowing to throw out flashes of emotions and vivid impressions;
  • Themed yacht tour – is a tour of the chosen theme (it can be both traveling to the monuments of architecture and nature, and sailing, taking into account the interests of employees – places of famous films, uninhabited islands);
  • corporate holiday on a yacht – may include important receptions of foreign guests, holiday dates of employees or the company itself, or a simple party raising the fighting spirit and uniting its participants;
  • The yacht flotilla is a fascinating journey of parallel vessels proceeding along a well thought out non-standard route.

Having a great experience in holding such events, we will help you determine the format of the tour. Our experts will select the route that best meets the interests of managers and the whole team. Properly chosen travel option will keep impressions for a long time, allowing you to motivate the team.

The performance of corporate yacht tours is incredibly high:

  • development of the motivational sphere of team members;
  • the formation of a single coherently working team;
  • identification of hidden potential among employees;
  • increasing the prestige of the company;
  • personal growth and self-affirmation of each participant.

Corporate yacht tour allows not only to unite the team as much as possible in non-standard conditions, but also to give original and bright feelings for life. Get an offer.

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