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Aircraft rent. Representatives of aviation in our time know very well the concept of “business jet”. This modern term used to refer to private planes elite level of comfort, ordered for the air travel of prominent politicians and businessmen, politicians and stars of the world of show business.

Appropriate liners are relatively small in size and, thus, the maximum equipment and a variety of convenient services, the relevant requirements of the most demanding customers.

Aircraft rent – the best private jets in the world

Advantage of these aircraft is the presence on board of the Internet and mobile communications, providing the opportunity to VIP-clients do not stand out from the planned schedule.

We will not deny that such flights very expensive, but many will be interested to learn about the private jets of different brands and different levels of comfort, proven the best and become the most popular.

11. Dassault Falcon 900 – Aircraft Rent

The aircraft Dassault Falcon 900 in this category of air transport is the most modest price. This vehicle is equipped with three engines, which enable it to produce a take-off on extremely short runways.

This liner, developed by French aircraft designers, extremely economical – it requires twice less fuel than similar models from other manufacturers.

In this case the relevant business jet, a very compact and not deprived of comfort, it is possible to reach speeds of over 900 kilometers per hour and during flights cover distances up to 8300 km.

10. Cirrus Vision Jet – Aircraft Rent

The launch of the aircraft, a small and inexpensive, especially considering that it belongs to the business class, dates back to 2008. The model has a rear engine layout and the unique tail configuration resembling the letter V.

Prior to the series production started in 2015, the plane about 7 years experienced. Since the liner is not capable of long-range flights, it is advantageously used for domestic flights, in particular for air walks.

This sample is the first private jetliner with one engine, which for takeoff and landing strip sufficient length to 620 m.

9. Embraer EMB190BJ Lineage 1000 – Aircraft Rent

The basis of this aircraft design, comfortable and beautiful, was placed a huge passenger liner. Despite the relatively modest size, cabin Embraer EMB190BJ Lineage 1000 are fairly spacious and is divided into five zones.

Inside of a private jet, there are kitchen and work areas, a place for your rest and shower. His salon was a place even cozy bedrooms with comfortable beds.

On board such aircraft can accommodate up to 18 passengers and has a top speed of flight up to 890 km per hour.

8. Dassault Falcon 7X

The aircraft Dassault Falcon 7X has a unique aerodynamic and flight characteristics that allow it to produce off with strips of minimum length and fit – at a greater angle than the other private airliners.

Thanks to these properties, the model is often the choice of owners of oceanic islands, involving extreme conditions landings. Aircraft equipment includes three turbo-engine, which allow the unit to fly at speeds over 950 km per hour.

It is interesting that this particular model, rightly considered a masterpiece of the French aircraft designers, was acquired by the notorious Bill Gates, to pay for her 41 million dollars.

7. Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

A model ship, unprecedented comfort and high-efficiency, the designers have created a Canadian. In terms of the aircraft flight range is considered to be a leader – he is capable, without additional charge to take you on a 11 000 km, and even a little further.

Technical equipment of administrative aircraft, made the first flight of thirteen years ago, characterized by two motors. Due to its efficiency and luxury comfort, this business jet in terms of popularity among private aircraft, confident leader.

It is known that this model would prefer to buy many famous women of show business, including film stars and world-famous singer.

6. Bombardier Global Express XRS

This particular model is easily overcome distance of over 900 km, is an advanced model of its predecessor. The liner features a gorgeous interior design of premium quality.

Spacious interior of the aircraft is equipped with a luxurious conference room in which his owners organize various meetings and seminars, and no less luxurious bedrooms. Kitchen liner equipped with everything necessary to please owners and guests of the business jet a wide range of delicious dishes, from traditional to exclusive.

If you do not stop the price of such a unique aircraft, which has become the fruit of the labor of advanced Canadian aircraft designers, which is equal to 42 million dollars, the best liner is not worth looking for.

Incidentally, the popularity of business aircraft is so great that they even appeared in the line of the famous children’s toys «Lego». One of the designers, published under the number 41100, offers kids gather business jet in Hartleyk City.

5. Hawker 4000

This unique plane that can not be called comfortable and fast, has moderate dimensions. «Hawker 4000″ model on the shoulder to make intercontinental flights, and at high speeds and with maximum comfort for its passengers.

This ship, which made its first flight in 2005, can carry up to 12 passengers and is equipped with an incredibly comfortable chairs where you can even sleep.

4. Dassault Falcon 5X

«Dassault Falcon 5X» – the newest modification of a business jet, set up only a few years ago. The emergence of new products on the open spaces of the airways created a furor: the ship received the maximum estimation and competent specialists, and experienced passengers.

Advantages of this aircraft a medium-sized steel amazing comfort and efficiency. Important advantages of this ship should include the fact that its take-off and landing can be made on short runways.

In the sale of the aircraft entered immediately after the start of series production, the unit cost was 45 million dollars.

3. Gulfstream V

List of business jets, including the top-rated business jets continues pattern created by the US aircraft designers – ship «Gulfstream V».

Issue of the ship and getting him a flight certificate is dated 2003.

Today, this business jet has gained a reputation as one of the fastest jet aircraft with a maximum speed – 930 kilometers per hour. So he took off, enough bandwidth and a half kilometers long.

This model is devoid of special refinement and any exclusive design elements, but very comfortable and fast – these qualities are always a priority in practical tenants.

2. Airbus ACJ319

The plane «Airbus ACJ319» is considered one of the most popular jet models, in part, due to its very spacious interior, incidentally, is the largest of all existing business jets.

There is no doubt that the truly chic interior of the liner will satisfy any customer’s needs and requests. The cabin has room for meetings, a press center, a huge living room, places for rest and sleep. Why are there – it allows you to set the area on a plane, even a movie theater.

Plus, this aircraft is economical fuel consumption and the capacity for very long flights. To take you to a distance of 11,000 km, refueling airliner is not required, so moving it from Japan to New York to become a reality.

1. Airbus A380

Confident leadership position in the business jet airliner this list belong. It is this plane which can accommodate a record number of passengers, it was once bought by Prince of Saudi Arabia and transformed into the likeness of experts air hotel.

Model «Airbus A380″ is the most expensive. She has managed to exacting buyer at $ 300 million, and the subsequent equipment liner require another 200 million.

As a result of this business jet has become a real royal apartments. It offers aircraft tenants – bath with mineral water and a small cinema, a delightful gourmet cuisine, and even an elevator for those individuals of royal blood who do not accept dynamic lifestyle.

«Airbus A380» refers to the best passenger aircraft world-wide.

Renting private aircraft was a win-win business, not only for companies, landlords, but also for their customers. The cost of these services has a wide range, starting from 12 thousand dollars. Our company offers services of business jets rolled at a bargain price.

Cooperating with us, you compensate the costs for the rental of the rational use of their time and unmatched ride quality. In addition, a private jet order with us or does not connected with the commercial air carriers.

Our business jets are beneficial and that they can make landing and taking off, not only in large but also small airports: you do not need a bunch of no direct or change modes.

Buy a private jet can afford a few, while his rent in our company available to a much larger number of consumers.

Contact to professionals – live beautifully and fly a real comfort!

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