9 reasons to choose yacht instead of hotel

When you are going on a seaside vacation, what options do you consider? A budget hostel, a mid-range hotel, or an expensive luxury villa… What if you try something new and spend your vacation in a truly mobile hotel – on a yacht? If you’ve never traveled on a sea before, you should definitely try this option.

This is a completely new experience. So why yacht rental is so good, and why is it a much more interesting leisure option than lazy relaxation on s beach at a hotel, as we all used to practice?

  1. There is always a new landscape outside your window

When you check into a hotel, you immediately look at … the view from your window! Yes, there are cool places where the view from the window is really amazing.

But after 2 or 3 days you will take it as something usual, like that at home. Familiar landscapes quickly become boring. But not on a yacht! In fact, you always float somewhere.

Typically, the routes are made so that you visit plenty of picturesque areas: mountains, sea, islands, lagoons, ports and coastal villages, or even volcanoes. In any case, it is always something new. Besides, sunrises and sunsets in the sea are indescribable.

Seeing is believing as they say. You will have a unique opportunity to take 1,000,000 photos for your Instagram.

  1. New original experience

A yacht trip will give you a lot of different emotions and impressions. These are the anticipation and joy of discovering new interesting places, some fear, and excitement before going out into the open sea, and of course the feeling of unlimited freedom that one experiences among the endless water.

Besides, you will be offered a master class on ship handling during your voyage. A skipper will show you how things are done on the ship, so you get a whole new experience of sailing. That is why yacht is also a new practical experience.

  1. Full control of your route

When choosing a boat to rent, you are offered some definite route. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it by all means. You can ask your skipper and stay longer in the place you really liked, or change your route a little bit. Moreover, an experienced skipper can tell you where to go and what to visit.

From the very beginning to the end of your journey, you are in complete control of your moves.

  1. No other people

Even if you book a deluxe apartment, you still cross paths with other people. They are everywhere: in corridors, in the elevator, in the hotel restaurant, by the pool, and not all of them are really pleasant.

But on the yacht, there can be no one others, just your friends or relatives. But, if you want to go back to people – that’s not a problem at any time.

You just look for some port, go ashore, and that’s it, you are in the center of civilization again. Then you can come back or find some uninhabited island with a deserted beach.

  1. Outdoor picnic non-stop

In any case, yachts have a galley, which means you can cook there. If you choose a yacht with a chef, your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners will be like those in the best local restaurants, If you cook for yourself, we advise you to buy fresh local products, such as seafood. You can make first-class dishes of these. A breakfast or a dinner in the open air is always better than that in a restaurant.

  1. Travel does not require any additional efforts

When you check into a hotel, you can visit some of the local attractions. But, to do this, you have to choose a suitable excursion, to find a suitable offer, arrange a time, get to the starting point of your excursion, and so on.

On a yacht, you have to do nothing about that, all the attractions are delivered directly to you.

  1. Time with loved ones

Traveling is a great opportunity to spend some time with your friends and family. Those with whom you can’t spend much time during working days.

Traveling on a yacht is an opportunity to escape from the typical routine and devote all your time to communicate with your loved ones. That is why a yacht is most often booked by families or groups of friends.

  1. Entertainment onboard

Besides some standard programs offered to you, there are some additional entertainments available to guests onboard. Thus, for example, you can fish in the open sea, go diving, or snorkeling.

Almost always there is all the necessary equipment on board. Of course, you can sunbathe right on the deck, or jump from the board into the sea. In short, you will always have something to do.

  1. Budget solution

But the yacht rental is so expensive, you may say. That’s far from true! Indeed, renting a luxury superyacht costs a pretty penny, but deluxe apartments are also expensive. And at the same time, there are some pretty budget solutions as well.

For example, a week-long tour on a small sailing yacht in Turkey in May costs about 1200 € (example). This is not so much as one may think. Plus, there are some simple tips on how to make your vacation even more budgetary (link to the article on methods to save money on yacht charter).

There are quite a few advantages of renting a yacht over the usual hotel vacation. Why yacht is not yet a bestseller?

Why people still choose hotels and villas? Because they do not know anything about the possible alternatives they have. Because they are afraid to try something new, or not sure about this option.

But when you try yachting at least once, you will forget about the dull, monotonous “seal-like” beach vacation.

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