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Seychelles (Praslin)


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Seychelles (Praslin)


Yacht charter - exciting outdoor activities

Many tourists who come to the Seychelles prefer a lazy beach holiday in a tropical paradise, but Seychelles is not only about endless beaches and all-inclusive hotels. There are quite a few beautiful places that you should definitely visit and which you will remember for a long time, but for this you need a suitable transport, and yacht rental will help you with this. Praslin, the second largest island in the archipelago, will be your starting point for an exciting exploration of the Seychelles. Renting a yacht in Praslin is not only the freedom to travel to tropical islands, it is also a pleasant time with friends and family far from the noisy resort towns, the opportunity to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, the opportunity to enjoy your vacation under the soothing swaying and sound of the waves.

Yacht charter in Praslin - discover the Seychelles

Renting a yacht and speedboat in Praslin will open up almost unlimited possibilities for you to explore the Seychelles. There is no place where you cannot get on a yacht. We recommend you to visit the following attractions:
  1. Reserve Valle De Mai - Praslin. If you've been to Praslin and haven't visited the Valle De Mai Nature Reserve, you've lost a lot! Here you can see the unique local flora and fauna in their natural setting. This is a real piece of old rainforest, which you will not find anymore.
  2. Kuzin Island. It is a small island reserve near Praslin. Unique species of birds are found here, and during the season you can find sea turtles here, which lay their eggs on the shore.
  3. Island of Curiosity. This islet is famous for the fact that giant turtles are bred here, they calmly swim in the local sandy bays. In addition, this is almost the only place where you can find the Coc De Mer palm tree. Once upon a time, lepers were taken to the island, and now there are ruins of the premises in which they lived, as well as the doctor's house.

What is better to take, a yacht or a catamaran?

When you choose a boat for rent, you choose from two main types: yacht, or catamaran. If you have never rented a boat before, this choice can be quite difficult, so here are some basic guidelines for you on how to make an informed decision:
  Yacht Catamaran
Pros ­ There are much more yachts than catamarans, so it will be easier for you to choose a vessel by size, age, equipment; ­ yachts will cost you much less; ­ the yacht sails much more interesting than the catamaran, with sharp turns, rolls, etc., it is more dynamic. ­ In the Seychelles, it is recommended to rent a catamaran due to the specifics of the region. ­ The catamaran is much more spacious than the yacht (with the same length), and therefore more comfortable for passengers; ­ the catamaran does not rock on the waves as much as the yacht, and this is very good for those who are seasick; ­ the catamaran has a shallow draft, so you can swim very close to the shore.
Cons ­ The yacht sways a lot more on the waves - bad news for those with seasickness; ­ a yacht of the same length is noticeably smaller in area than a catamaran, and therefore less comfortable; ­ the yacht has a noticeably higher draft, which means you will not be able to swim in shallow water, and you risk easily running aground. ­ A catamaran will cost you about twice the price of a yacht of the same length, and this is its main drawback. ­ The catamaran takes up much more space in the marina, so in some cases there may be problems with mooring;  
  The price of renting a yacht or boat on Praslin is determined by a number of key factors, the combination of which is the final amount. So, a catamaran of the same length as a yacht will cost you about 2 times more (although it is much larger than a yacht). Another factor affecting the total cost of a yacht charter in Praslin is the age of the vessel. The difference between a new vessel and a vessel of a similar class over 10 years old is about 50% (although the equipment of the old yacht will be much worse). Season is another important factor. In the high season, the cost of renting yachts will be 30-50% higher than in the low season, and if you book in advance (more than six months in advance), the cost will be even lower. If you do not want to delve into all the intricacies of the process, you just want to rent a yacht in the Seychelles and enjoy your vacation, contact our managers, they will quickly select the best solution for you.

Frequently asked questions about yacht charter


All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

We offer sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, luxury yachts and gulets.

Sailing yachts offer the best sailing, sporty and romantic experience at the lowest prices.

Catamarans provide the greatest space, a lot of comfort and respectable sailing. They are also ideal for families with children or large groups.

Motor boats provide speed and power so you can visit more islands and cities and leave more time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxation.

Luxury yachts provide all the benefits of a 5-star hotel, but at the same time offer the opportunity to sail from one destination to another and in privacy.

Gulets are the best option for a large company.

The contract with the company spells out the terms of return at certain points in time.

Almost never, the entire amount is not returned, as a rule, the company can withhold 10% of the amount if you refuse more than six months before the departure date, then the amount decreases as the departure date approaches.

If you entrust the rental issue to us, there will be no difficulties for you, we will take care of all organizational issues.

If you decide to start organizing yourself, you will have much more risks.

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